Our 9 Best Sex Toys For Female Masturbation 

The conversation surrounding female masturbation has thankfully undergone a huge, positive turn around in recent years, and so has the way sex toys are designed and marketed as well as how we talk about the sex toys for women. We even have a month on the awareness calendar dedicated to masturbation – yes May is Masturbation Month. We've come a long way from the belief that females don't have sex drives, or at the other extreme that we are should always be turned on like a porn star. Now a you can find the best, most satisfying vibrators with the click of a mouse in shame, porn free websites like Bliss. 

Anyone out there ever taken a feminist history or women’s studies class? You probably learned that vibrators were created by doctors who prescribed them as a cure for "hysteria," irritability, and sleeplessness. There was a following period were sex and masturbation became ruled by religion and society saw them as generous or dirty. Thankfully we can fast forward a century to now, and we have finally begun to talk about female masturbation like it's a normal and healthy thing. 

Woman reclining with a look of pleasure

Woman reclining with a look of pleasure


Masturbation has scientifically proven benefits, like better sleep, lower stress levels, improved menstrual pains, and being more comfortable in your own body aka body positivity or self-love. At the very basic level it feels fantastic and can help you improve partnered sex as well by understanding what works for you better. If you’re looking for a new and innovative vibrator for the most fulfilling experience possible, these nine sex toys for female masturbation hit all the right spots. 

1. The Womanizer Liberty

The compact Womanizer Liberty is a travel toy if we have ever seen one.  Small, stylish and compact Liberty works in the same way as all the Womanizer air suction adult products.  The bonus of the Liberty is the size and storage case.  The piece itself is weighted beautifully and carefully shaped to easily fit into the palm of your hand.  The magnetic cover which attaches effortlessly to the main piece but will not come off in your luggage, forming a strong discreet shape with a super strong hold.  

2. Palm Power Rechargeable

Hold ultimate power in the palm of your hand, anywhere you want! When reviewers say, "This is the best massager ever invented,". The Palm Power Rechargeable Massager is sure to become an important addition to your relaxation and stimulation products.  As with the original, it is all about power and control.  The convenience of a rechargeable massager is immediate, with the freedom to take it anywhere, and the ability to be used without the need for a power point.You can use it anywhere on the body, though it's especially great for clitoral stimulation, and it's a favourite amongst Bliss customers and for a good reason.

3. Mis Bi from Fun Factory

Fun Factory toys are always mega bright and eye-catching which adds to the fun. Miss Bi is a fun little toy, but what really stands out at first glance is the shape of the clitoral arm. Switch the toy on and Miss Bi feels like the most powerful Fun Factory, but perhaps that’s because of Miss Bi’s petite size houses Fun Factory’s famously rumbling motors. Designed with a delicate groove for your clitoris, the arm is thicker than most rabbits to provide fuller stimulation to your vulval area. If traditional rabbits with two-pronged ears are too fussy for you then Miss Bi is worth trying. Miss Bi’s slight bump in the shaft and the curve of the tip are designed to fit snuggly and stimulate the G-Spot.A word of advice: show your partner what Miss Bi does for you. They will be hooked! 

4. Gigi GSport Massager by Lelo

Don’t be fooled by Gigi’s size. Gigi may be small and compact but is amazingly strong, delivering intense vibrations. Gigi will prove to be a popular bedside companion, we are sure of that. This toy is perfect for solo or partnered play. Gigi is a curved and flattened tip to accurately target your G-spot. The flattened tip is ideal for channelling the powerful, near-silent vibrations during G-spot massage, but also a clitoral massager too.

5. Mis 2 bullet clitoral vibrator by Lelo

LELO MIA is a small vibrator designed for the handbag, so it is ready to excite her owner at just a moment's notice - and now in version 2 it doubles the strength and becomes waterproof! The lightweight design and attractive "lipstick-like" appearance mean this fashionable and discreet vibrator can be taken almost anywhere, and enjoyed at any time. Charged using an inbuilt USB port it means you can charge it anywhere you charge your mobile phone which makes it a great stress reliever anywhere any time.

6. Uma GSpot Vibrator by Je Joue

Uma is beautifully designed to discover your G-Spot. With a gorgeously contoured shaft designed with your curves in mind, Uma will fit you like a glove. Uma’s sleek shape allows for a great introduction to your body’s natural curves, whether externally or internally. Thanks to its length and bulbous shape you can easily stimulate your G-spot and reach deeper vaginal pleasure points. Uma is also great used as a clitoral vibrator during sex. Use the tip to tease, fit the toy against your labial area, or turn its curvaceous form to create wonderfully different sensations. You can even take Uma for a tour all over your, or your partner’s body.

7. InsideOut Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator by Womanizer

Now for the best of both worlds, the Womanizer InsideOut features both the special Pressure Air Tech and an insertable vibration arm.  The InsideOut may looks odd, it is built with purpose.  The top bulbous section contains the air suction device, which is what Womanizer products are known for.  Air pulses play against the clitoris to produce surprisingly strong and intense orgasms, the closest to oral sex you will feel from a toy.  The insertable arm vibrates targeting the G-Spot. This dual approach makes the Womanizer InsideOut potentially one of the most intense adult products you may ever find, some have even reported its ability to make them squirt.  

8. Eva II Hands-Free Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator by Dame

With flexible wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top of your clitoris, you can have clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Eva II is smaller, lighter, and simple to use - plus, it's totally waterproof, and comes with a sleek charging base/travel case to boot. So easy to keep in your bedside table or take traveling with you. You will love how it is No hands, no hassle. Yes, it is marketed as a couple’s toy, but this little winged wonder can serve two purposes. Use it as a couple’s toy when your partner is around or use it as a clitoral vibrator that you hold or go hands free and concentrate on exploring other parts of your body while Eva stimulates your clitoris. Got to love a toy that works in multiple ways.

9. Stronic G Rechargeable Thrusting G-Spot Vibrator by Fun Factory

Stronic G has a serious curve and a firm tip that rests effortlessly against your G-spot, so you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy. The Stronic G moves back and forth on its own, leaving you free to focus on other things. The G-spot responds to pressure and repetitive motion. Finding the right rhythm can mean the difference between a fun session and the kind of world-expanding orgasm that makes you forget your name for a second. Who needs a man when you have Stronic G.



 Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide an overview of the subject matter covered. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions.