13 Fun Sex Facts You Need to know.

Sex is one of those topics you are continually learning about. There is always emerging sextech and there are continually new studies released. Then there is just learning about what all things sex means to you as an individual.  This list of fun sex facts will be more fun than sex ed class ever was.

1. Lube makes it easier to orgasm. Seems logical, your body naturally produces lubrication when sex is good. It is common for various things in life to interfere with natural lubrication and that is OK. If orgasms are hard to come by a quality lube can help. A study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion(full disclosure there was a sex product company involved in the mix) found that nearly 50 percent of men and women who used lube said it made it easier to have an orgasm.

2. Sex reduces stress. Sex calms nerves, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. That is respectful, consensual sex that does all these wonderful things. That is not wishful thinking it is confirmed by research.

3. Lesbians have the most orgasms. A study thatlooked at the relationship between sexual orientation and orgasm occurrence found that heterosexual women climaxed 61.6 percent of the time, while homosexual women climaxed 74.7 percent of the time and bisexual women climaxed 58 percent of the time. No further conclusions were drawn from this study other than further investigations into the comparative sexual experiences and sexual health outcomes of sexual minorities.

4. Condoms don't actually affect pleasure all that much.We stock Moments Condoms a great Aussie brand empowering women to take care of their sexual healthResearch confirmsthat men and women enjoy sex just as much with condoms just as much as they do without a condom. So, no excuses given, if it is not on it is not on. Quality products such as Moments Condoms can have pleasure enhancing innovations.

5. Sex can help when you are feeling unwell. Your immune system can be boosted by having sexArousal and orgasm have been shown in various researchto help you feel better when you are not feel so great but it is still important to know when you should rst and have some chicken soup or visit your doctor. Sex is not a cure all but it could be fun to try.  Studies show that arousal and orgasm boost your immune system

Share the facts

Share the facts


6. Sex post work out is a good idea.  Increased blood flow, in particularly to you genitals after the gym, can make sex A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. One study from the University of Texas at Austincompared women's reactions to erotic material after a 20-minute bike ride and found that blood flow to their genital region was 169 percent higher after a workout.

7. Love makes for better sex. Love made sex emotionally andphysically more pleasurable.A study found thatis to be the case in a small sample of women, most who said it made it more emotionally pleasurable. The social stigma around women having sex outside of a loving committed relationship may be an influence on this and an interesting avenue for research.

8. Hooking up culture is not the end of marriage. A paper from the University of Virginiafound that hooking up or the hook up culture is not the end of marriage.Not every hook up is going to result in marriage or even be that great, but it can’t be ruled out.

9. Nipplegasms. Granted they are not for everyone but that is half the fun – everyone is different.Nipple stimulation releases oxytocin, which can cause the uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasm. This brings more blood flow to the genitals and, for some that can equal orgasm.

10. Sex can lead to more regular cycles. Researchers at Stanford and Columbia Universities found that women who had sex at least once a week had more regular cycles.Not for everyone but fun to try but if you have pain that stops you doing your normal daily activities when you have your period or any other concerns please consult your doctor.

11. Sex reduces the experience of pain. If you are into spanking, or hair pulling during sex you might wonder why those things fall in the good pain category during sex but not outside of sex.Answer is that pain thresholds can be increased during arousal according to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research.   

12. Orgasm is better with socks. According to a Dutch studyfound that women in the study had cold feet and once they were given socks, those reaching orgasm rose from 50 to 80 percent. If you have cold feet socks may be a helpful trick.

13 .It may cure a headache. No this is not for everyone but one study found that 60 percent of migraine sufferers reported that sex helped ease their pain.Consult your doctor but it could be fun to try.

Remember however you want to have fun remember that to be safe, sane and consensual.


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