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5 tips for self care but not as you know it.

No matter how many times someone tells you self care is not selfish it is an important part of managing your symptoms and improving your wellbeing that little voice inside you still screams, what about this and that, we should do this for such and such, you don’t have time you have to……… We are socialised to care for others and self care is an indulgent use of time. For others self care is a sign that they can’t keep up and it is a sign of weakness. However, a very practical illustration of the importance of putting yourself first and one that most of us can intellectually process when the plane is going down you put your own mask on first then you help others including your children. If you can’t breathe you can’t help others, just as if you don’t take time to care for yourself you can’t do all those ‘should’ things for others in your life.

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7 tips to clean your toys. Yes, you have to clean your toys!

Do you take care of your grown-up toys as well as you took care of your childhood favourite toys? Do you take care of your adult sex toys as well as you take care of your other grown up toys, your TV, Video Game console, Care, or even your gym gear? No, why not? Your sex toys deserve some TLC. If you are taking care of them properly you are taking care of yourself, particularly when it comes to keeping them clean.

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