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5 Tips For Talking To Your Teens About Sex & Sexuality For A Positive And Healthy Sexual Journey

Be Brave - Teens need lots of information-more than you (and they) might realise or be willing to discuss. Rest assured the evidence tells us time and time again that young people who are given adequate, accurate information at home and school have better outcomes later on in life such as less teen pregnancies and less STI’s. Many delay sexual intercourse to a later age.

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7 tips to clean your toys. Yes, you have to clean your toys!

Do you take care of your grown-up toys as well as you took care of your childhood favourite toys? Do you take care of your adult sex toys as well as you take care of your other grown up toys, your TV, Video Game console, Care, or even your gym gear? No, why not? Your sex toys deserve some TLC. If you are taking care of them properly you are taking care of yourself, particularly when it comes to keeping them clean.

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Endometriosis & Sexuality - 13 quick tips

Chronic illness, including endometriosis may impact on your sexuality. For many, being unwell can completely change your sexuality and therefor have an impact on your general health and wellbeing, which can extend into other parts of life. It may have an impact on your body image, self‐esteem, and intimate relationships. For many sex is not an easy topic to discuss and yes even health professionals can find issues relating to sex difficult to discuss. Even if you feel embarrassed or uneasy, it is important that you

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5 Reasons Physical Touch is So Important

Touch is a sense that in today’s busy digital age we are engaging in less and less. This arguably plays a part in the increase in loneliness, mental and emotional health issues of today. Despite the many positives that technology has brought to our lives or innate need for connection has not evolved to the point where touch is no longer needed for our physical and emotional health – no not even robotic sex dolls can replace consensual, pleasurable human touch. Physical touch is vital for our health.

A favourite topic of mine.

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