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20 Fun Facts about Fun Factory

Posted by Bliss Team on

# 1 In 1996 Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl, recent university graduates, sat down to design a silicone dildo. This is FUN FACTORY’s origin story. 

#2 Bauer and Pahl wanted to make a visually appealing, body-safe alternative to the hyper-realistic, flesh-tone, chemical-smelling sex toys that made up the market at the time.

#3 The first FUN FACTORY dildo was called Paddy Penguin. No prizes for guessing what it was shaped like.

#4 Wondering where FUN FACTORY’s fanciful designs came from? Our founders used to use Play-Doh to make models of their ideas for new toys. Now, our best designs get 3D printed, so that we can make an adjustment before we build molds for them.

#5 In 2000, FUN FACTORY moved to our state-of-the-art facility on the Weser River in Bremen, Germany. Now, we make toys while staring poetically out at the water.

#6 In 2008, we became the first sex toy manufacturer ever to win a mainstream design award.

#7 We were also one of the first to make a rechargeable and waterproof toy. We call it Click’n’Charge. So, you’re welcome for that.

#8 Another somehow first: making a vibrator out of medical-grade silicone. We’re such trendsetters.

#9 Oh and btw, we invented the PULSATOR - a toy that thrusts on its own, for hands-free fun.

#10 Y’all love pink. It’s our bestselling color across the board.

#11 You also love strap-on play. We’ve sold about 20,000 SHAREVIBES, our vibrating double dildo, in the last year.

#12 Interestingly, we sell significantly more COBRA LIBRE II penis vibrators in China and Japan than anywhere else in the world. Our sales department attributes that to a lack of stigma about men using toys. High fives, China and Japan!

#13 FUN FACTORY toys are designed, produced, and packaged under one roof, giving us one of the smallest carbon footprints in manufacturing.

#14 Our silicone is hand-poured and even hand-finished by our highly trained factory staff, without the use of abrasive chemicals to smooth out any unwanted texture. 

#15 FUN FACTORY’s Generation 5 toys (G5) are flexible, for endless positions and an extra wild play with yourself and or your partner. We call this our FlexiFUN Technology™ – let the TIGERBIG BOSS and Co, move with your motion!

#16 Our comprehensive recycling practices save about 40 tons of resources a year!

#17 The FUN FACTORY offices are even filled with art made from repurposed leftover silicone by DNS, a factory employee!

#18 Even our packaging is eco-friendly: made of recycled cardboard without plastic or glue and printed in Germany using soy ink.

#19 It's not just our business that's international - our staff is too! FUN FACTORY employs people from about 20 countries! 

#20 Patchy Paul is our signature vibrator and our #1 bestseller in Europe. Last year, we put up a giant inflatable PATCHY PAUL that stared majestically out over the river. 

We love these products and hope you enjoy our month dedicated to them. We love that Fun Factory products take care not on in design, and quality of materials and manufacturing but also in the impact on the environment right down to the ink they use in creating packaging. We know not every company has the scope to go to such detail but it would be lovely to think that there are more companies that think not only about our body safety and pleasure but also the environment in which we live.

Did you know that quality rechargeable sexy toys are actually recyclable like your mobile phone is. There are ewaste facilities that will recycle them. Watch this space for more news on that.

Buy your Fun Factory products in our shop. We have linked a couple of our most popular below.

This was an article originally published by Fun Factory


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