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5 Naughty Ways to Have More Fun in Bed

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Q: We have been going out for 6 months. We have heaps of fun together in every aspect of our relationship. Sex is good but I was wondering if you could recommend somethings, I could suggest so we can have some more fun and see where our relationship takes us.

A: Great question, thanks for asking. Relationships take work, no matter if you are in the beginning or down the track. The difference is, in the beginning, we don’t see that the work we put in is effort. Making that effort at any stage doesn’t have to be a drag and is a great thing for your relationship. Inject some imaginative and goofy play into your sex life to increase the fun levels.

Now I am not sure if either of you has children but just in case or what age group you are in so we will cover some bases upfront. Many couples only feel truly uninhibited in a hotel room (hotel sex is great fun right) or when their kids are out of the house. With work and life commitments adult play dates best scheduled in the evening. So whether you have kids or not, you could share accommodation or you could choose a hotel room so let’s just say, make sure you have a decent lock on your door before you begin to play so you can get silly without unexpected interruptions.

1.Be the spark

Be the spark that starts the fun. Even if it is your usual date night let your inner bad girl or guy get things started. Ladies get a bikini wax (or shave if that is your thing) and a manicure in a shade that speaks sexy to you – if there is an alternate activity that speaks sexy to you and is a treat for your partner then do that. Have you ever tried sexting with your partner? No, try it send a risqué text to your partner early in the day. If you are embracing your inner bad girl try wearing sexy lingerie to dinner and give your partner a sneaky preview by giving them a peek as you get up from your seat.  

2. Sticky sweet fun

This requires a space that you can easily clean up or a few towels that means you can have fun without fear of making a mess. It’s fun to sip schnapps or your favorite liqueur out of a navel or small of a back. Painting each other with liquid chocolate, or using a flavored lube can be a great way to encourage exploration and fun behaviors. 

3. Sexy Stranger 

Roleplay is great if you are game. You can use it anywhere. You can have a scene set like when you are stating in a hotel and you can arrange to meet in a bar role-playing as strangers. Or if a hotel is not possible there is nothing to say that you can’t do it at home. It can be a great way of getting in the mood. At bedtime or when the mood strikes you might turn to your partner and say “Hey Mister, you look like a guy who has a hot wife.” Or “Hey sexy, you look like you would have a hot someone waiting for you at home”. Then they’ll look you up and down and say, “I do have a hot partner, but they are not as hot as you.” Then two “strangers” head off to have a passionate night. If you are setting the scene in a hotel or at home you can increase the fun by dressing the part from a head to toe. That could mean breaking out a flirty blonde wig or a sultry black one and a to die outfit, add clothes that fit the role-play scenario you have agreed to play. Remember if it doesn’t go as you imagined, it is OK. Remember it is about having fun and at the very least you will get a good laugh. 

4. You are invited.

The invitation, in this case, is to a quickie. Yes, quickies are not reserved for the beginning of a relationship they are for every age and stage. Slip a note into your partners back pocket or text your partner saying, “Your presence is requested in the master bathroom from 8:35 to 8:42 p.m.” Set the mood, however, strikes your fancy, one idea could be to light some candles and wear nothing but high heels or cute ideas if you are smaller than your partner wear one of their shirts. When your guest arrives, they’ll be blown away and will jump at the chance to have some fun. 

5. Sexy stories for you and me.

Sharing fantasies and erotica are great ways to kick start the spark. They are a great way to get the fire burning solo too, a great way to get you in the mood even before your partner is involved. Making up sexy stories, reading romantic literature aloud, or watching scenes from a steamy movie arouses the imagination as well as your libido. After all your brain is your largest sex organ and you have lots of choices to stimulate it, apps like Dipsea or sites like Quinn are great erotica platforms designed by women for women. 

Whatever you decide to try to increase the fun make sure that it is SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL!

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Have fun.


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