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5 Pieces of Sex Furniture and How to Use Them.

Posted by Bliss Team on

Sex furniture, you may be thinking “tacky”, “I don’t have a sex dungeon”, “who has room”, but we are here to tell you that they can be discreet, and they can, do secret magic things for your sex life. The new generation of furniture and supports are amazing and some even com with sex toy mounts so you can have even more fun solo or partnered. 

What is Sex Furniture?

It’s any piece of furniture that aids in a sexual experience. This can be for added excitement, making certain positions easier, and may be useful for people with movement restrictions due to disability or injury. 

Sex furniture is designed to make your sexual life a comfortable & passionate experience easing the stress on your joints and muscles allowing you to get in positions and hold positions you have found difficult.

Here we have 5 pieces of furniture and how to use them but we have even more in store.

1.     The Liberator Wedge 

It is great if you like strong direct internal stimulation and deep penetration. It is also great for positioning you perfectly for oral if your partner wants to play with a new angle. Bum to the edge of the high part of the wedge and your hips are positioned for you to allow your partner to have greater access for oral, for clitoral stimulation, to explore g-spot stimulation with toys, penis or fingers, or just good old-fashioned deep penetration if that is your thing. The other part that is good about a wedge is if your partner finds the low position of your hips uncomfortable for missionary or oral a wedge can raise your hips and maybe the change in the angle they need.  

2.     The Jaz by Liberator or The Rockabilly Riser by Liberator 

Add an extra dimension of motion. They have a wedge shape with a firm pillow with a curved bottom. But instead of just using it to elevate your hips you can try using it as an X-rated see-saw to rock your bodies during missionary. The curved base of both can also be used nicely if you wanted to move from a rear-entry position where your hips are in a low position into more of a doggie style, a smooth motion while offering support as you move. 

3.     The Humphrey Pillow by Liberator 

It allows you to get more out of your favorite toys by hugging the squeezable light grey pillow while kneeling or laying, and add a bullet vibrator for even more sensations. The Liberator Humphrey Pillow can be used Solo or with a partner, it allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos simultaneously by featuring two separate pockets, one to house small vibrators or bullets to achieve clitoral stimulation and another to tuck a dildo into. Mount it like the boss or lie on your side and wrap your legs around it like the trouble-free lover it is. If your self-love sessions or your mobility is not what it used to be and you sometimes suffer from tough-to-sustain positions, then the Liberator Humphrey Pillow Toy Mount could be your new BFF in the bedroom. Let a lover watch or keep the gem to yourself - Your play, your rules. The awesome part is when this pillow’s off duty, it easily passes as a regular old pillow, so it can hide in plain sight. 

4.     The Black Label Wedge by Liberator 

It is great for a BDSM edge that is still comfy and it has spots to attach wrist or ankle cuffs. You can use it for support or change angles if that is what you want but for those times when you want to take your play up a notch, the Black Label Wedge gives you the versatility to add restraints. Two moods, two levels of play in the one product.

5.     The Wanda by Liberator 

Its ergonomically designed to be paired with your wand of choice, the curves fit with your body to offer support in a whole host of positions and give you completely hands-free access to your wand. The narrow body of this product is perfect for straddling. The height adds lift and allows access in both standings or laying positions just use your imagination and it makes it ideal for couple's play. A versatile piece of furniture for both solo or couples play. 

An extra note on the care and washing of your sex furniture.

A machine wash in cold water for covers, followed by a low heat tumble dry or line dry to maintain the cover's softness. The liner is designed to repel fluids. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual

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