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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Having a One-Night Stand.

Posted by Bliss Team on

In a national sex lives survey conducted by Body + Soul, 52 per cent of Australian women and 64% of men have had a one-night stand. While evidence suggests that one-night stands happen frequently (may have changed given pandemic conditions), many people do hold on to the old stigma that surrounds them. The usual suspects continue to reinforce the stigma, that is media, religion, loved ones and non-comprehensive sex ed courses that teach sex is taboo and dangerous if not experienced with someone you’re in a relationship with. So, let’s look at challenging those norms with these five reasons why you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your one-night stand.

1.     Your body your rules

Means you are in control and navigate intimacy with intention and confidence. If your body needs physical touch, pleasure and connection and you find someone that will consensually help you with that then you are allowed to give yourself that. Your body, your rules.

2.     Commitment is not for you right now.

The idea that sex ‘should’ be with someone that is or could be a long-term partner is something we are still taught and the message that filters through many aspects of society and culture. Though many of us go through periods of casual sex, the societal norms are that desire for sex and love and partnerships are interconnected. Commitment is not for everyone all, there are points in life where something purely physical is all you want and need and that really is OK. If the statistics tell us anything it is also that it is normal human behaviour.

3.     You get to meet new people.

Think of one-night stands are an opportunity to meet people, like networking but with sex. You can learn new things and what works for you and what doesn’t.


4.     Sometimes you want a human over a vibrator.

At Bliss we love sextech but the truth is there are times when even the best vibrator just isn’t enough. While the sex tech industry has come close to replicating human touch it hasn’t got there just yet.

5.     Exploration of desires.

Exploring desires is a normal part of sexual expression and growth. Sleeping with multiple people can allow you to try new things, ask questions about others’ sexual experiences, or go into the experience knowing exactly what you want and receiving it. One-night stands can allow you to widen your sex menu, yes sex menu because there are some many pleasurable things to discover.


Remember to always practice safe sex.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual


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