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7 Halloween Date Night Ideas

Posted by Bliss Team on

There are plenty of at home date night ideas for Halloween that will ensure you and your SO still have a fun and festive evening. Check out these ideas for some sexy and intimate fun close to home;

  1. Watch a scary movie - What better way to celebrate Halloween than having a scary movie marathon? The good news is you won't even need to leave the comfort of your cozy bed. Just order take out, bust out fave drink and you're good to go.
  2. Bake and Shake - Is it just me, or (other than the scary movie marathon) is the best part about Halloween the treats? For couples who can't get enough of the sweets, baking together is a great way to bond, and there's a delicious reward at the end. Getting messy together is a whole lot of fun and probably have not done together in a long time. Why not trying cooking what you have made (let it cool first if it is a baked item), off your partner later in the evening?
  3. Costumes are perfect for sexy role play - If you and your partner have been waiting for the perfect excuse to ramp up the heat between the sheets, a sexy night of role-play may be right up your alley. Halloween provides the perfect platform to indulge your fantasies and try something new like role play.
  4. Stories and playtime - If you and your SO really want to set the stage for a fun date night in, telling each other ghost stories or for a bit of fun build a blanket fort in the lounge room and listen to scary stories while you get cuddly amongst the pillows and blankets.
  5. More themed cooking – If you love cooking together (even if one of you cooks and the other enjoys watching and chatting to them) try flexing those culinary skills, by planning a fun and festive meal? If you're feeling extra fancy, consider serving each course with a different spooky drink. Themed drinks were popular during lockdowns so why not extend that skill set to a sexy spooky date night.
  6. Star gazing - Stargazing is another fun way to enjoy a Halloween date night at home. Create a suitable playlist, grab a few blankets and head out to the backyard or balcony, and snuggle up under the beautiful night sky.
  7. Ghost Hunt - If you can go out and about why not try a ghost hunt. If you've always wanted to be a Ghostbuster try a ghost tour. Many local cemetery host ghosttours and there are many spooky locations around the country that also host ghost tours. An extreme experience, such as a very scary movie can get you up close and personal in each other’s arms, it can forge a bond between you both, get the adrenaline in a hurry and is a great topic of conversation for weeks afterward, not something you are likely to forget in a hurry. 

Halloween may only be in the growing stages in Australia but it is a fun way to add variety to your date night. Spooky dates can be a lot of fun, and it can bring you and your partner closer together. There are so many different things you can get up to over Halloween. These are just a start, let your imagination conjure up some magic the Halloween.

We may all be over ‘staying in’ but if it is still a necessity or your preference why not use Halloween as an excuse to mix things up. Planning is the best way to ensure that you and your partner can make the most of the situation and still have a memorable evening.



About the Writer 

Libby is a 35-year-old in a long-term relationship. Both her and her partner love experimenting with toys and so being a sex toy advisor for Bliss was a great opportunity for both to get some free products and have some fun.

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