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7 ways to increase your chance of having an orgasm - tonight!

Posted by Bliss Team on

We are so excited to have the first of Isiah McKimmie’s podcasts shared with the Bliss Community. We love her work and we are grateful that she is allowing us to share her podcast through Bliss. In this podcast Isiah will be answering this question, “I have had orgasms before. Most of the time by myself and sometimes with my partner, but the thing is, I don’t always with him. It’s really frustrating. I don’t really know what it is. Do you have any tips for someone like me?”

Does Isiah have any tips? Of course, she does! It’s this kind of real sex ed that we at Bliss love and am sure you can hear how much Isiah loves it when you listen to her. Listen to the podcast to hear 7 practical suggestions that you can use tonight.


In the coming weeks, we will share more of Isiah’s podcasts. We are committed to sharing information from experts around the country that support women, and those that love them, to tap into pleasure, explore their sexual selves, whatever their age, sexuality, health or relationship status without taboo or shame.

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