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9 Ideas to Step Up Your Valentine's Day Game.

Posted by Bliss Team on

The reality of Valentine's Day despite the marketing pressure for romantic perfection is as long as you're both enjoying yourselves, you and your partner have got it worked out. If you're still looking to add a little extra heat to your February 14th, we have 9 tips stat to take your bedroom game to the next level.

1. Make a Spotify playlist

Sometimes we forget how romantic simple things can be, remember the mixed tape. Include all your favorite sexy songs in one playlist specifically for Valentine's Day. Pick your favorite sexy or romantic songs, pick different beats and tempos to inspire your play.

2. Change things up with some roleplay

The roleplay you choose is only limited by your imagination. An easy place to start is plan to meet at a bar, introduce yourself when your partner happens to sit right next to you. Let the evening play out however you feel with the both of you using completely different occupations and names.

3. Incorporate the foods you love.

Have dessert in the kitchen, no bowls allowed, who said dessert has to be served at the dinner table? Or take dessert to the bedroom. Take ice cream, whipped cream, or a sweet treat into the bedroom. Serve it on you and your partner, and you will have the best tasting dessert you could ask for. You could try these;

4. Make sex the first course.

Why save the fun for last? Think about it a few glasses of wine, dinner, dessert and before you know it is midnight – that does not always equal energy for passionate sex. So have sex before you leave for your date instead and spend the rest of the meal basking in a sexy afterglow. You can always have sex again afterward if you are still buzzing from your romantic date. Bonus!

5. Good Morning

Don't put too much pressure on yourself for sex to be a must happen on Valentine's Day. If it doesn't naturally happen, that's OK!

How delightfully delicious would it be to roll over the next morning and whispering all the things you wish you had done last night into your partner's ear. Enjoy!

6. Buy each other one new sexy item for the bedroom 

You could buy a sex toy, massage oil or even a blindfold and soft rope. A massage oil candle or a new vibrating cock ring that can double as a finger vibrator, like Tor2 by Lelo, perhaps? If your hope is to shake things up commit to both bringing one new thing to the bedroom.

7. Chocolate Please!

Love Chocolate, we do too. The only thing better than a box of chocolate is two.

An affordable and super sexy gift when you are feeding them to each other, or eating a trail of your favorite of your partner's body.

8. Have fun!

If romance and candlelight is not your thing, why not try going for something fun over romance. Try an activity that focuses on togetherness and fun. Go bowling, see a movie, see a concert, have a laugh. Doing things like this can equal feeling more connected which in turn can inspire sex over the full belly after a four-course dinner.

9. Gift card for both

If you really want to go all-in, give them an early present! Set a budget and buy a gift card to a lingerie store of your choice.

Write down your sizes or even give them a list of items you like for them to choose from, with a note that says "you pick."

Its a gift for both of you. You get what you want and they get to see you in lingerie.


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