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A Cheat Sheet for Adult Toy Shopping.

Posted by Bliss Team on

There is more to Bliss that just Sex Toys.

Hopefully, Bliss is different from the typical adult site of scrolling pages of what feels like an endless list of toys and products. We understand how intimidating and confusing that can be and how you can have those ‘what do I do with that’ moments. That's where a store like Bliss comes in, curated product list and we also have the option of a consultation with a sexologist to help you even further. Following is a list of toys for beginners, keeping it simple.

1.   Bullet Vibrators

Perfect beginner toys, cost-effective, simple to operate and the least intimidating visually. The Lelo Mia is a higher-end bullet vibrator but still incredibly popular. Je Joue has three bullets in different shapes. Get a traditional straight-edge bullet, a curved G-spot vibe, or one that has rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.  

2.    Finger vibrators

A fun little way to add some zing to partnered or solo play. Simple to operate, generally less powerful than larger vibrators but still lots of fun. Depending on the finger vibrator if the vibrations are too intense you can adjust where the toy sits on your finger and not have the toy directly in contact with your skin, rather have the vibrations gently pass through your fingers to your skin. You can try the Dame products if you are interested in trying a finger vibrator.

3.  Personal Massagers

Hugely popular toys, they love clitorises and clitorises love them. They can be powerful so if you haven’t tried one before start slow and build up. Try Lelo Smart Wand has a variety of speeds, vibration patterns and is strong enough to wow. Oh, and although this toy looks more like a microphone than a sex toy be sure to pack it away safely away from any want-to-be little singers in your house. The Palm Power is in a lower price bracket but still packs a whole lot of power, it also comes with interchangeable attachments.

4.    Butt Plugs

I can hear the gasp and I know you are thinking, no thank you, not for me. I understand the idea of sticking an odd-shaped thing up your bum is scary and does not seem like it would provide pleasure. Add in the fact that there are all kinds of sizes, materials, and shapes to choose from, no wonder people find them scary.

Some quick tips if you are going to try something like Bootie Small to start exploring this type of play; DO NOT FORGET YOUR LUBE.  This line of plugs has multiple sizes so you can start small and move up if you want. B Balls are also popular for beginners, thanks to their range in sizes, and a tapered shape that makes insertion easier. They're also weighted, which will create an incredible feeling of fullness and pressure.

5.    Discreet Sex Toys

If you want a sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy (or microphone) try something like Laya II or this Bamboo Bullet by Rocks-Off that looks like lipstick. You could leave either out on the coffee table and no one would be the wiser. (Though I should probably clarify that there's nothing embarrassing about sex or masturbation). These are great to use on any part of your body really, massage away.

6.   Versatility makes for Interesting Play

Not sure what to but go for something that is versatile. Something that is a bit of a mix and match type toy. Something you can use to reach your G-spot or stimulate your clitoris Emma could be the product for you. Looking at versatile toys then you are looking for attachments that you can switch out, then the Palm Power is for you.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional.

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