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A Frolic Down Memory Lane - The Ohnut

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At Ohnut they believe that everyone has the right to feel connected, healthy, and whole.

What is The Ohnut I hear you ask?

It is an intimate wearable that can help you manage and potentially reduce pain during sex by allowing you to easily customize how deep penetration goes.

It is worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner, e.g. on their shaft or on a toy. The Ohnutcompresses down to act as a soft buffer during sex. Each set comes with 4 linking rings that allow you to make simple adjustments, so you and your partner can not only discover comfort but also what depths feel really good—for both of you.

Ohnut is designed to feel just like skin. It’s so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it’s there.

This is a piece written by the woman who created The Ohnut, Emily Sauer. It was Emily’s experience with pain with sex that lead her to create The Ohnut.

Emily recently wrote this as a trip down memory lane. We love it because it gives you an insight into the process she took and how far your business has come in helping those that often suffer in silence with painful sex. The Ohnut has only been on the market for around a year and they have done an amazing job at breaking the silence and in helping couples all over the world discover comfort and connection that feels good for them.

Frolic down memory lane with Ohnut Initiaties

With Ohnut's 1st birthday in the rearview mirror, we've been doing a lot of reminiscing—and we've come a long way!


Not so rapid prototyping.

Prototyping The Ohnut


What literally started with a foam donut turned into countless craft store runs, air bubble troubleshooting, and way too much midnight white boarding.

A Patient at a Medical Conference

Medical patient conferences the Ohnut


I didn't have a medical degree, but I did have a prototype. And there must be a couple of doctors who DO talk about sexual and pelvic health, right? YEP. THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM. And they gave Ohnut our trustworthy roots in data and research. Nowadays they feel a bit like proud parents to us :) 

Ohnut in Action

And Here We Are :)


One successful kickstarter, some heart-swelling press pieces, and thousands of happy tears later, we still feel a bit like free-running raviolis—but who doesn't?

Places the Ohnut has been featured

I can hardly believe only ONE year has gone by! (Is it time for a nap yet?) It feels like it's been way more than 12 months because you all constantly rev our idea engines. 

At Ohnut, we're a small and (very) hardworking team, and my sincere hope is that when you think of Ohnut you know the love and commitment that went into their making.  

We wouldn't be here without... you! So thank youuuu! And keep up the good work :)

Sign off from Emily

Thankyou Emily, it is so refreshing to see reality in this industry. We at Bliss love your work.

For those of you wondering about the material The Ohnut is made of here it is. It is BPA, phthalate, and latex free your Ohnut is made from FDA approved body-safe material. ‍

Wondering what can cause painful sex?

Painful sex (or dyspareunia) can happen for a whole range of reasons, including:

  • Endometriosis
  • Adenomyosis
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Fibroids
  • Pelvic inflammation
  • Pelvic floor muscle spasm (vaginismus)
  • Menopause (genitourinary syndrome of menopause, or gsm)
  • Cancer treatments (including chemotherapy and radiation therapy)
  • Chronic pain (vulvodynia)
  • Post-surgical vaginal swelling
  • Postpartum pain / sex post baby
  • Mullerian agenesis

Emily even designed and made an Ohnut for Pride. Watch this video to see how.

We hope you love The Ohnut as much as we do.

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