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Bad Day Killer: Clitoral Balm By Bijoux Indiscrets

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Bad Day Killer - this is a clitoral balm that is compatible with erotic toys. Because of its natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, coconut oil, soybean oil and star anise fragrance it acts both as a stimulant and a lubricant.

Love the faint scent and the pleasant warming effect. Put on during the day it has a gentle tingling and teasing effect for about 15 to 30min, put on before sex it enhances the pleasure and can lead to mind blowing orgasms. An easy way to show yourself some tender loving care. Would also make a great and thoughtful gift.

5 Stars

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After having been a customer and a fan of Bliss for over a decade I am now very excited to review the Bliss products. Bliss has always inspired me with its open, supportive, and informative attitude towards sexuality and a great range of products. I have a double Masters in Business and Linguistics and am a busy single mother of two grown up boys. Being past menopause does not keep me from being sexually active and I happily confirm that sexual desire does not necessarily wane with age. I enjoy sexual pleasure and have started early exploring different ways to create arousal and give and receive pleasure. I curiously scour the Bliss website for ideas, toys and inspiration and I am a great fan of erotic literature.


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