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Bliss Erotica - Back Room Fun!

Posted by Bliss Team on

We would like to introduce our Erotic Author Jane. Jane has been writing short erotic stories for 5 years now and is in the process of writing a novel. She has kindly offered to share some of her short stories here on the Bliss Journal. Last year our Resident Sexologist Jodie wrote an article about erotica and some of the benefits of reading erotica, so the Bliss Team thought Valentine's Day is a good time as any to introduce Jane.

“What would you say if I asked you out?” James smiled.

My back was turned so James couldn’t tell but I was smiling and stifling a giggle. Those were the words I had wanted to hear since he started working at the restaurant.

We had flirted since he started working there. The first shift we worked together still played on my mind. He smiled at me continuously that first night and every time he did my pussy tingled. I knew I was in a world of trouble from that first night, he was either going to break my heart or absolutely blow my mind.

I turned and leaned over the bar with my chest squeezed against the hard cold marble top. “I’d say yes but you know I can’t right now …. “a cheeky smile came across my face and I said “Paul is in the kitchen and we have a shift to finish, but I could use some help restocking from the back store”.

James said “sure thing”. He came around behind the bar and as he passed behind me to check the bar fridge his fingers traced the curves of my arse. My clit pulsed as electricity ran through my body.

He bent over to check the stock, his cute arse just there, I so wanted to grab it. Instead, I moved over next to him to wipe the bench around the coffee machine. I stood with a slightly wider stance so that my leg pushed up against him. He was chatting about what we needed to get to restock the fridge, looked up at me and smiled. As he stood up his hands ran up the inside of my leg from my ankle to my inner thigh. My body shook at his touch and I let out a little groan.

With a list in hand, I headed for the back of house to get the supplies. “Are you coming out the back?” I called back to James. He smiled and said “That is the plan”. As I walked through the kitchen I purposely ignored the comeback. James followed me into the storeroom and before I knew it he kissed me passionately on the lips, I could feel the throbbing in my pussy grow and a gush of wetness increase as his hand traced the inside of my thighs under my skirt finding the edge of my lace panties. Once he realized how wet I was he made short work of those and my skirt was around my waist and his tongue was exploring my clit. I leaned against the wall biting my lip trying not to groan out loud, this guy knew how to eat pussy and his fingers were magic as they filled my aching vagina. I held his hair and guided him to suck and flick my clit harder. This wouldn’t take long before I knew it, his skillful mouth was making my body shake and an exquisite orgasm spread through my body. I shuddered as he licked and kissed my clit one last time before he stood up and kissed me. His hair was ruffled and his lips swollen and warm. He pushed his body firmly against mine, I could feel his hard cock press against my hip. I needed that to fill me and I needed it now. “Fuck, how long had we been in here?” I whispered. His voice low and raspy, he said: “I don’t care.”

I unzipped his pants and wrapped my legs around his waist as he lifted me hands under my arse pushing me against the wall. I clung to him grinding my pussy against his stomach before I knew it his hands had changed position and his forearms were under my thighs, strong hands on my arse. I drew in lingering breaths as he guided his rock hard cock between my wet pussy lips and his torso. I groaned “give me your cock”, face flushed and eyes filled with lust. I watched his face as he lowered me onto his hard cock. His eyes shut and his neck extended a little as his cock eases inside my pussy and he exhaled deeply as he filled me. It took my breath away, his strength and control holding me there and the sheer pleasure as my body held his hard cock. He lifted and lowered me a couple of more times while kissing me gently then he stopped looked at me and asked if I was ok. How sweet is this guy, I replied "fuck yes" as I ground my hips against his cock and tightened my pussy around his rock hard cock. He groaned fuck. I kissed him hard and bit his lip and then asked ever so sweetly “please fuck me hard now! He smiled with a wicked look in his eye and said ‘yes ma’am’. He then proceeded to lift and lower my body expertly on his cock, he ground his hips into my body. He had total control and I was in heaven.

I could feel the waves of my second orgasm building. I couldn’t control it, my pussy tightened around his rock hard cock as my orgasm exploded through my whole body. This time I could be quiet and I started to cry out in pleasure, he kissed me to stifle it and as he did his thrusts became harder and more purposeful, he buried his face in my chest and groaned breathlessly as his body shook. He leaned me against some boxes to help hold my weight kissed me sweetly, stopped looked at me as we separated and asked, "what did we come out here for again?" I adjusted my skirt, picked my list up off the floor along with my panties and repeated what was on the list. Stood up, turned around to a slightly disheveled James holding a box of wine smiling sweetly. We left the room with supplies for the bar, when we went back for more items of the list the room smelled like sex, I looked at James and laughed,” when are you on close with me again?”, he replied “tomorrow night”. 

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If you would like to see your own stories posted here you can email your story to Jane at You can share anonymously, please note by emailing Jane sharing your story you consent to Bliss editing, publishing, reproducing your story without any remuneration. 

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