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De-Cluttering Your House for a Better Sex Life

Posted by Bliss Team on

Q: I read somewhere that a cluttered room or house can cause issues with my sex life, reduce my desire. Really, is this true?

A: Yes, it is true for some of us. I have written about using the holiday period as a time for bedroom makeover ideas for a better sex life. I’m a big believer in living simply and letting go of clutter that no longer serves us. My advice is get rid of the messy clutter that you don’t need and allow new energy to flow into your home and your body. 

Does your bedroom make you want to be intimate with your partner? Or does it contribute to the stress going on in life? The holidays can be a great time to take on a makeover project.

I bet you didn’t even realise that your how your bedroom makes you feel can impact your sex life. Think about different hotel rooms you have stayed in, i bet you can think of some prime examples the power a room can have on your sex life.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel with tacky art on the walls, harsh lighting, and scratchy bedsheets? Did it inspire intimacy? Did it make you feel sexy? Or did you want to get the stay over and done with?

Or have you ever stayed in a room that the second you walked into that room, you felt relaxed? With a soothing colour scheme, soft mood lighting and soft fresh linen on a comfy luxurious feeling bed? Did it feel like a sexy room and inspired lots of fun intimate play.

Can you start to see how this can apply directly to sexual energy? It’s pretty straight forward: your environment impacts your energy levels and that includes sexual energy. If the environment includes possessions from past relationships all that stuff holds memories and energy. Those memories and energies can hold you back from moving on, letting go of a relationship can be painful but holding on to it and surrounding yourself with things from the past can be more painful. If this is ringing bells for you that it may be time to start a declutter project.

Whether you want to attract a new partner or increase your sexual energy and connection with your current partner the first thing i would suggest you work on  is clearing your home or your bedroom to let energy flow and make way for the new. Clean out your room, don’t hesitate in throwing out things that connect you to old relationships or that make your feel tense or stressed. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a fresh new space, and a bedroom that feels ready for a new partner and new sexual experiences. In line with the ideas of Marie Kondo, who believes that simplifying and organising are the key to a serene environment. She encourages individuals to tidy in categories—first clothes, then books, paperwork, miscellaneous items, and last, sentimental items. If your home is clear, your head will be clearer, which allows sexual energy to flow and for amazing new people to enter your life.



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