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How arousal oils, balms and gels can be used to boost libido increase low sex drive.

Posted by Bliss Team on

There are many paths to enhancing your sex life, one of those is arousal oils, gels or balms. This blend of aphrodisiac and stimulating ingredients help boost sexual arousal, increase low sex drive and can make sex better. 

While arousal products can be used by people of different genders and sexual anatomies, most have been developed with those of use with vulvas in mind.  If you follow us on social media, you will not be unfamiliar with the idea of the orgasm gap. In the context of today’s article we are talking about the fact that  approximately 95 percent of people with penises orgasm during sexual encounters. That number drops to 50 to 70 percent for those of us with vulvas in heterosexual encounters. Arousal oils/gels/balms have proven to stimulate, expedite and increase the intensity of an orgasm. In one study researchers found that most respondents with vulvas reported that arousal products increased their genital sensitivity and enhanced their sexual experience.

So how do these arousal products help boost intimacy and pleasure.

What is arousal?

Firstly, let’s start by giving a quick definition of what arousal is. Sexual arousal is the body’s response to physical or mental stimuli leading to increased blood flow in your genital area. There are several things in life that can be roadblocks or speed bumps to arousal including stress, birth control, medications, childbirth, menopause etc.

What are arousal oils/gels, balms?

Arousal oils/gels/balms are topical blends that are applied externally to boost low sex drive by increasing blood flow to the area and enhancing your natural lubrication and potentially increasing the intensity of an orgasm. They are effectively a jumpstart your arousal process and naturally induce wetness. They are usually applied to the vulva and clitoris but some are specifically designed for the nipples.

How do arousal oils work?

Basically, they stimulate blood flow which heightens sensitivity in the area, making it pleasurable to the touch, which in turn enhances natural lubrication.

How do you use an arousal oil?

Arousal oils are great for both solo and partnered use. Depending on the product follow the instructions to apply. Basically, you massage the directed amount on the external genital area. Then wait a few minutes, you will start to feel a warming sensation, either from increased blood flow or from ingredients that tingle, warm or cool the skin. A patch test before you are getting into the moment is always a good idea.  It is also important to know that oils are not compatible with latex or silicone condoms.

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