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How to Have Period Sex with No Mess.

Posted by Bliss Team on

For many the one week a month when menstrual periods interrupt life including lot of our sex lives. Periods can be a hassle in many ways but they are an important part of our life cycle.

As we have more open conversations about sex it is important to include period sex. The conversation needs to change around period sex, it does not need to be off the table during your period, potential mess included. For some the monthly cycle amps up arousal right when you're bleeding, but for some period blood can put a damper on things. For others there is absolutely no interest in sex during their period. Periods are a normal biological process and there is no judgement here.

If it sex during your period is something you are interested in then here are some suggestions about how to have period sex with as minimal mess;

Use a Sex-Friendly Menstruation Cup – Menstrual cups are great, great for your wallet, great for the environment and great for your body. However, one this that menstrual cups were not great for was intercourse, now there is one that is great for intercourse. Ziggy by Intimina is a intercourse friendly menstrual cup. Whether you're using sex toys or enjoying yourself with a partner, Ziggy's unique shape provides all of the benefits of a reusable menstrual cup - but with a design that's friendly for penetration. 

Preparation is key – Ziggy greatly reduces the likelihood of blood leaking during period sex. However, laying out a dark coloured towel or something a little more luxurious like the Decor Fascinator by Liberator as a just in case is never a bad idea. Simple options for peace of mind.

Know your body – Knowing your heavier and lighter days. If you have a semi-predictable cycle and know what your light and heavy days are, consider delaying penetration and insertable sex until the lighter days if the blood is a concern. Even if intercourse is not on the cards during your heavier days you can experiment with teasing, foreplay, great for anticipation building in the lead up to your lighter days.

Use a Condom – is always a good idea including during your period. Whether you are having sex with a penis owner or a toy using a condom means you don’t get period blood on places you don’t want it. Once you have finished, take the condom off, place it straight in the bin. Of course blood may still end up around the pelvic area of the penis owner but the condom makes clean up easier.

Period-Friendly Positions – Gravity means blood flows down, so positions where you are up right or your pelvis is down then period blood is more likely. If your goal is to reduce potential mess use positions that tilt your hips towards the sky. Missionary with your ankles over your partners shoulders is a good option for minimising mess, it also has the added bonus of being good for g-spot stimulation.

Anal Sex is a option – Anal sex avoids the vagina entirely so if you use internal period protection it can one sexual experience that takes blood out of the equation. Anal is not for everybody, if it is a yes for you don’t forget about it during our period.

Vibrators can used through clothes or a pad There are wand massagers that are strong enough to bring you to orgasm clitorally even through your clothes and or a pad.

Use Sex Toys and mutual masturbation – If intercourse is not on the cards sex toys can be a great intermediary. Using a sex toy allows you both to enjoy the experience of penetration, both for vagina and penis owners. It is important to make sure your sex toys are non-porous and sterilisable, quality silicone sex toys are perfect.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual

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