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How to Talk to Your Partner About Painful Sex and Ohnut Reviews

Posted by Bliss Team on

We Love the Ohnut at Bliss.

We were the first shop in Australia to bring them into the country, that is how much we love them. We believe that this wonderful invention is one that supports one of our core values and that is the sexuality and sexual wellness are important aspects of our quality of life. 

So this week we thought we would let users of the Ohnut tell you how good it is.

We also thought that we would use an infographic from the team at Ohnut Co that is a wonderful quick reference guide on how to talk to your partner about painful sex.

How to talk to your partner about painful sex

 "It’ll never feel convenient—but you’re a human being and you’re not “supposed” to be convenient. In the end, a supportive partner (you know, one who cares about your growth and pleasure) is going to be on board—maybe more on board than you are!" Ohnutco

You can purchase your own Ohnut in the original colour or in the new colour Aloe. You can also pre order the new wider fit Ohnut.

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