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Kurve by Hot Octopuss - Dual Bass and Treble motor

Posted by Bliss Team on

Kurve by Hot Octopuss has a Treble and Bass motor. Lots of vibrators are have two motors but very few vibrators are equipped with two different (Treble and Bass) motors. 

When you hold two vibrators and turn them on you will notice a difference in the vibrations each creates. It differs between brands and even between vibrators in brands. Vibrations change with motor size, motor power, sex toy material, sex toy thickness, the frequency of the vibration the motor generates and more. They can have a deep rumble of a motor or a higher more tingle creating type motor. 

The Kurve by Hot Octopuss has both. The tip has the treble motor and the base has the Bass motor. The treble at the tip diffuses through the soft material and is good for G-Spot Exploration while the Bass motor in the base of the insertable part of the vibrator is placed to stimulate the vaginal entrance.

You can hear more about it in this video by Jodie West our resident sexologist aka The Sextech Sexologist.




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