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Let’s Make Self-Isolation Sexy: 9 New Ways to Get Off While Staying at Home.

Posted by Bliss Team on

How each of us masturbates or gets ourselves off is unique! For some of us, the way you reached your first orgasm is your tried and trusted go-to. For others, variety may be the spice of life and the way to ‘the big O’. 
Thanks to COVID-19 many of us have more time on our hands and although self-isolation sticking close to home is not always sexy and the truth is even the most tried and trusted way to orgasm may not be enough to stop us going stir crazy. There are plenty of positive ways to fill in the time, knitting, reading, writing a book, starting a veggie garden, catching up on your fave show, dancing naked in the kitchen …………..
You could also spend this time exploring your body, showing it some love, and finding new ways to enjoy self-pleasure. Trying new toys or products can be a way of mixing things up during this stay at home period.
Today, we’re going to explore some different ways you can get off using sex toys. In this we are focusing on creativity, exploration and pleasure with an open mind, letting go of what we know and open to new.  You may just find a toy or technique that could lead you to an even better pleasure session than the last. Here are some ideas;
Clitoral Stimulation
Clitoral masturbation is for many of us the way to reach the Big O. The clitoris is a sweet spot,  it is an undeniable pleasure center for masturbation. It often increases natural lubrication but you can always use more lube. We have some great products to help you here.
ORA 3 – You may be separated from your partner, you may miss how good they are with their mouth. No stress, the ORA 3 can be your interim partner. This toy is an oral sex simulator that uses PreMotion Technology and a precise nub rotating motion to create a real-feel.
SONA CRUISE 2 - SensSonic Technology takes you to a whole new level when it comes to your orgasm, and the SONA CRUISE 2 leaves no doubt. It works by stimulating the clitoris without direct contact using sonic waves, it has the ability to penetrate what’s below the surface of the clitoris too, causing even more intense orgasms.
LE WAND PETITE RECHARGEABLE MASSAGER – Wands have long been a go-to for orgasms. LE WAND PETITE is the smaller version of the iconic, rechargeable wand massager. It may be smaller on size but it is BIG on power. It gives you the reach to make even the laziest morning masturbation session an easy reach, while the power and design direct the vibration to the head of the wand exactly where you want it to be.
Vaginal Masturbation with a Toy
Ever wondered where the g-spot is? The g-spot is on the roof of the vagina, about 5cm in. For those that would like to know the ‘g-spot’ was named after the German physician and scientist, Gräfenberg who allegedly discovered this pleasure zone. That is where the ‘G’ comes from. If you want to explore the G-Spot and all the fun and pleasure that comes with it here are some toys that will help you.
GIGI 2 - GIGI 2, will make your legs shake. This g-spot vibrator has a curved and flattened tip that can target your most pleasurable zones with exact precision, using one of four button controls. It also makes a great clitoral massager too.
SORAYA 2 – This rabbit-style vibrator is both a clitoral and a g-spot vibrator. It was created using ultrasound during the engineering process to really capture a woman’s anatomy. Added bonus if you turn this toy around, you can actually insert the smaller arm anally while the longer one stimulates your clitoris. Always make sure to sanitize it properly before moving between any vaginal and anal stimulation. Watch this space for the SORAYA 2 Wave for an added extra level of pleasure.
MISS BI – Miss by is a fun little toy that will stimulate the G-Spot, Labia, and clitoris simultaneously. With rumbly motors, it feels like the most powerful toy from Fun Factory. It’s the ability to stimulate the G-spot, Labia and Clitoris will create intense pleasure that will make any time in self-isolation fly.
Anal Masturbation with a Toy.
A taboo for many, but anal sex can be exceptionally erotic and sexually arousing. You can do it with your partner or you can explore it solo. Try going slow when exploring with one of these toys;
HUGO – OK yes HUGO is described as a “prostate” massager but it can also be a remote-controlled, hands-free anal vibe that can offer women pleasure too. The “L” shape is designed to ensure your safety so perfect for you no whether you are a newbie or more experienced.
PETITE SENSATIONS TEAZER – Streamlines to perfection and designed to tantalize, the Teazer is an ideal toy for beginner’s anal play or a cheeky stimulator for the more experienced.

NJOY PURE PLUGS - Designed for both men and women. These plugs are designed to provide stimulation pressure when exploring anal play. They can be used during intercourse or solo play allowing you to move around and feel the joy or pleasure as the bulbous end puts pressure on sensitive areas.

Now’s the perfect time to get on the sexual self-care and explore pleasure so whether you’re looking to try something new, upgrade an older toy, or spoil someone who may need their spirits lifted, BLISS is here for you. 
Wishing you good health and safety, and don’t forget… #staythefuckhome #stayhome #staysafe


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual 







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