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Using Your Sex Toys for Temperature Play

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Toys made from glass, metal, or stone are your best bet for this type of fun. For heat play simply fill a bowl with warm water and allow your toy to soak for five to 15 minutes. It is not recommended to heat toys using a stove, oven, or microwave. For cold you can soak them in a bowl of cold water, or place them in the fridge or freezer for a bit. 

Now remember that this is for toys that are specifically designed for this type of play.

For example, Le Wands new metal toys are made of stainless steel which is great for temperature play! You can place one in the freezer to cool it down or place it in warm water to heat it up. When you’re ready, test the temperature of your toy on the inside of your wrist to make sure it won’t be too hot or cold for use on genitals or inside the body.

You could try a specially designed warming vibrator. Emma and Angel are designed for this. 

Whether you are considering warming play or cold play you could consider bringing your bowl of hot or cold water into the bedroom. It’s a quick and simple way to ensure that your toy stays at the temperature you would like it to otherwise your toy will return to room temperature.

Regular lube can be heated or cooled before a session like any other liquid. It is as easy as filling a bowl or glass with water at the temperature you desire and set the bottle inside for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Remember to always check the temperature of the lube by applying one or two drops to the under side of your wrist before using it on any part of your partners body.

There are also certain types of lube formulated specifically with temperature play. They create hot, cold, buzzing, or tingling sensations without you having to do a thing. We have a selection of lubes, and stimulants that can be used int his way.

An important point here is that lubes that desensitise with items in the ingredients list can make it hard to tell sense other stimuli.

In the articles we have written on temperature play we have covered important points and we recommend that you read widely on this topic if you are interested in exploring temperature play. We would also like to raise the following points;

Red, itchy, raised welts or swelling in a localized area of the skin (histamine response)  commonly known as hives or Urticaria. For some it can be triggered by contact with high or low temperatures, or a sudden change in temperature. If you see a reaction like this stop and let the reaction subside. Monitor the situation because reactions like hives can also accompany anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening. Seek medical care in cases of dizziness, trouble breathing, or swelling of the lips, eyelids, or tongue.

It is important that you have a chat about ingredients in products and talk about what you want to try with your partner during your pre-play negotiation. It is also important to keep checking in with your partner because you never know what substances could end up irritating or overwhelming your partner’s system. It might feel unsexy to talk about allergies or intolerance before or during play but the alternative is not sexy or romantic. 


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual

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