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Menopause Project

Posted by Jodie West on

Our CEO has a project in the works and we are only too happy to help. The Menopause Project is looking at Australian Women's experience of Menopause. It is looking to find about your experience with perimenopause & menopause. No matter your age.
This project is led by myself, Jodie West. I am a sexologist & women's health advocate. I went through menopause at 35 years of age. I faced all the bad stuff that came with menopause. By the time I finally got my diagnosis I was told I had the hormone levels of a 80 year old woman. I then had to fumble my way through what that meant and finding my way back to a semblance of my former body, life and functioning.
This is a project that has been bubbling for awhile. This is the first step in the process and I need you to be apart of the grass roots research. The survey is a quick first step and it is anonymous.
If you want to share more with me than is contained in the survey you can email me at
Please share the survey through your networks.

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