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Sexual self care is knowing it is ok to use lubrication or other aides to improve your comfort and pleasure.

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Knowing it is OK to use lubricants. Knowing the importance of and using quality lubricants. Lubricants, vaginal moisturisers and other adult toys can help increase your pleasure and comfort. Using quality lubes, toys or other products is important for your health and your pleasure.

Uncomfortable. Painful. Dry.

Would you describe sex using any of these words? If you do, then lubricants may be your new best friend. In fact, even if these words aren’t what you would use to describe intercourse, lubricants are still your best friend.

Running a sexual wellness business the product we sell most of and that people repeatedly come back for is our quality lubricants. It is a simple product, that is an inexpensive addition to your self-care kit that can transform your sex life.

However, mention the word ‘lubricant’ in a sexual context and most people think of some kind of sexual dysfunction or problem with sex more often than not related to an older woman’s sexual function. The truth is that quality personal lubricant benefit all genders and all ages. The myth that lubricants are only used when someone has a sexual problem or to fix someone needs to be thrown out. In this context, we will talk primarily about lubricant use for women or vagina owners and the reality is women of all ages suffer from vaginal dryness. Yes, even younger women can need to use quality lubricant and if they are not always wet, they are not broken. It is not something to be embarrassed about to suffer through there are professionals and quality products that can help.

How wet you get or the amount of vaginal secretions that your body naturally produces vary between individuals and are impacted by a whole range of things including;

●  Hormonal changes can be due to everything from contraception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation to some other medications.

●  Stress, anxiety.

● Relationship problems

●  Medical conditions like diabetes, autoimmune issues, side effects of chemotherapy, or surgical treatments such as hysterectomy.

●  Medications such as the contraceptive pill, anti-depressants, allergy medications as well as some hormonal based treatments for common conditions like endometriosis.

●  Chemical products you use around the house like washing powders, scented toilet roll, or soap-based products. 

● Vaginal cleaning products such as feminine sprays or douches which are totally unnecessary because the vagina is a self-cleaning wonder. 

●  Lack of foreplay or stimulation is a common issue because women are not porn stars and are not always turned on wet and ready to go – women need more stimulation than men do.

“An Indiana University study involving 2,453 women ages 18 to 68 found that lubricant use during sexual activity alone or with a partner contributed to higher ratings of pleasurable and satisfying sex.” A quality lubricant can also make sex feel more pleasurable for men too. They improve the comfort of sexual intercourse and to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing or abrasion due to high levels of friction on the delicate vaginal tissues. A quality lubricant can increase pleasure and heighten arousal for all involved.

What lubricant should you use?

We always recommend using a sexual lubricant with our sex toys. Using a quality lubricant in any sexual activity rather than something like a vegetable or massage oils, baby oil, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) and saliva reduces exposure to irritants commonly found in these products that can cause irritation, thrush or an allergic reaction. Saliva while natural dries out quickly which can interrupt the fun. 

The following are brief descriptions of the different types of lubricants.

Water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricants are the most popular choice of lubricant because they are inexpensive, they do not stain and can be used with sex toys. They are safe for all sexual activity and are also safe to use with latex condoms and diaphragms. Water-based lubricants are easy to wash off after use, leaving your skin clean, silky smooth and free of any residue. If they do dry out, you can add a little more or reactivate them with water.

YES water-based lubricants are one of our most popular lubricant because it feels more like natural vaginal lubrication. It is also absorbed into the tissues of the vagina, helping to nourish them.


Oil-based lubricants

Oil-based lubricants last longer and thicker and feel silky smooth. They are not safe to use with latex contraceptives. You can combine oil-based and water-based lubricants during sex, which is great if things last longer then expected. 

We stock two Oil-based lubricants which are equally popular. YES Oil-based lubricant and Astroglide Organic. One we are excited to stock and that is growing in popularity is and Australian made product that in our discussions with Medical Specialists, and Pelvic Health Physiotherapists is Olive & Bee. This is an all-natural, organic product that is incredibly versatile as an oil-based lubricant, vaginal moisturiser or a skin moisturiser. We love it and if you have not found a product that works for you Olive & Bee is definitely worth a try.

Silicone lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are long-lasting, great in the water and safe for use with latex condoms. They are not to be used with silicone toys it degrades the surface of the toy. 

As a side note petroleum-based products should be avoided as they may cause irritation by changing the pH of the vagina that may contribute to problems like thrush. They cannot be used with any latex products including condoms and last but not least they are thick, stain and are hard to wash off. We do not stock these, but it is important to share.

Pro tips;

● A little lubricant goes a long way. 

● Squirt a small amount in your hand to warm it up first, rather than applying it directly onto the genitals. That can be a bit of a cold shock, which unless you are practicing temperature play could significantly slow things down.

There is so much more we could write about lubricants but we will address the more sextech or sex geek aspects of lubricants in a future article.


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional.

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