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Sila Sonic Clitoral Massager by Lelo Review

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This Sila clitoral massager comes in three colours lilac, aqua and pink and the body is made of pleasant to touch, fully waterproof silicone, which is easy to clean. Mine came in beautiful lilac, packaged in an elegant black cardboard box with a window display and golden writing, making it look exclusive and elegant. The box also contained a sample of the Lelo personal moisturiser for increased vibrating sensation.

The device has three small buttons: one to increase intensity, one to decrease intensity and the middle one to choose from the 8 vibration patterns.

A detailed user manual is available as a PDF download from the Lelo website. It says the Sila should not be used with hand creams or silicone-based lubricants as this may damage the silicone surface of the massager. Lelo does offer a personal moisturiser that is safe to use with the Sila.

It is USB chargeable, and the instructions say the charge lasts up to about 2hours. When put to test my device lasted a bit over one hour running on high vibrations.

It is also lightweight at about 100g and the size of a palm of a hand, making it easy to carry around.

The mouth of the Sila massager is placed over the clitoris and it is the inside of the mouth that vibrates. The vibrations also carry to the outside of the massager, providing a vibrating sensation to the outer and inner labia if kept close to the body.

Overall, this is a beautiful looking device and great alternative to a vibrator.

It would be enjoyed by someone who likes gentle stimulation. If you are after higher intensity, I have found that - if pressed firmly against the clitoris - the Sila massager sometimes malfunctioned and stopped vibrating, even though there was enough charge left.

Finding the correct button while massaging can be tricky as the buttons are very close one next to the other and not easily distinguishable by the touch of fingertips. I would also have welcomed a circling sensation/movement, which is not one of the 8 vibrating patters on offer.

On the noise scale it is relatively quiet and discreet. I did the ‘doona test’: left the massager in the ‘on’ mode under the doona, walked out of the room and closed the door to check the noise level and it was not audible, however it seems louder than some other devices.

It is a bit pricey but would make a great present both as an actual massager to have lots of fun with as well as inspiring idea.

3/1 Stars - A great addition to the pleasure enhancing repertoire.

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