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The We-Vibe Chorus by Devora F

Posted by Bliss Team on

Hi! I’m Devora F (Ferozmente) and I admit that I aim to devour life fiercely.

I’m an educator, passionate about sex. A polyamorous, pansexual kitten, my way of knowing is through my body. I have and continue to experiment with many aspects of sex including kinks, fetishes, tantra and sex magic and I’m particularly passionate about harnessing sexual energy holistically into my life.

My passion also extends to contributing what I can to sex and sexuality becoming part of ordinary consensual conversation.  I’m the girlfriend who helps you buy your first life-changing sex toy. Just ask my friends!

I’m very excited to be reviewing another We-Vibe adult toy for Bliss.  Bliss takes a holistic approach to women’s sexuality, sexual wellness and menstrual health. Stocking a myriad of pleasure-enhancing products including the Chorus by We-Vibe, which I am reviewing today. Bliss aims to close the pleasure gap, by allowing you to explore your sexual self without taboo or shame. Check out their range, as well as their blog.

The Chorus by We-Vibe

When I hear the word Chorus, it conjures up something passionate and devine – a sweet harmony in unison, recurring in repeated intervals, a refrain. This is my second experience with the We-Vibe range, having reviewed the Moxie last year.  This review can be found here.  After trying out the Moxie and loving it, I was keen to experiment with another toy from this range and this was my first experience with a PIV (Penis in Vagina) sex toy.  This time, the fun has come out of the panties and doubled the joy as a simultaneous partner pleasure toy.


Once again, We-Vibe use discreet, techy looking packaging that is easy to open.  The box contains the silicone toy and remote, both in shimmering ‘cosmic’ pink but there are aqua and purple models also available.  The package includes a standard Type-C USB charging cord and sleekly lined, hard plastic charging house for discreet storage as well as a basic instruction book.

The Brand

As mentioned in my previous review, Standard Innovations, a Canadian company, founded in 2003 by couple, Bruce and Melody Murison are the manufacturers of the We-Vibe brand. Standard Innovations pride themselves on being dedicated to shaping the future of sexual health and wellness. With their first vibe launched in 2008, We-Vibe is well known for its couples and solo vibrators. Chorus is advertised as ‘the most intuitive couple’s vibrator ever, featuring new squeeze control and AnkorLink ™ technology’. More about both of those features later.

The Design

The Chorus charging house gives the guise of a portable speaker that would almost go unnoticed on any bedside table or floor. Sliding the case open reveals two sparkling pink objects – the toy and remote. The toy itself is attached to the charger using magnets and the house itself uses a USB charger. This means that the Moxie’s charger or any other magnetic charger from the brand can also be used to charge the Chorus. Useful, if for example, you wished to leave the charging house at home.

The toy itself is an adjustable U-shaped couple’s vibrator. Sleek and sexy, the waterproof silicone is firm yet even more sensual and slinkier than the Moxie to the touch and the glistening treasure fits easily into your hand. The thinner arm fits inside the vagina with the intention of nesting firming against the G-spot with plenty of room for a penis or dildo, whilst the thicker arm sits over the clitoris.  Both arms contain powerful rumbling vibrators. 

The toy is fully customisable to get the right fit, so to speak, as the joints in the middle can be manipulated to tighten or widen to suit the user’s unique anatomy, shape, form and pleasure requirements. Once you are suitably lubed, set the vibe and adjust Chorus to fit your body, inserting the G-spot arm and ensuring the thicker arm is aimed at the clit. I recommend a water-based lube such as Sliquid Swirl [insert Sliquid Swirl review]. When manoeuvred to the ideal spot, it tends to stay in place well. This is the purrfect time for your lover to join you or to add a dildo with everything aligned and may the exploration fun begin! This is just the beginning of an array of features - but let’s talk about one of the standouts - the brilliant new sensation of the unique squeeze remote.

The remote itself has 10 vibe modes and the tighter you squeeze the remote, the more intense the vibrations.  This is further enhanced by being able to customise vibes, playing to music or by sharing the controls with a partner using the We-Connect app. Powered by AnkorLink ™ technology which “creates the most stable connection” between the toy and the app.


Truth be known, I am a self-confessed power slut with a predominant deep affinity for clit toys, more so than dildos and the like, although I like to change it up on occasion.  I am always open to exploring and experimenting as our bodies change all the time and so do our pleasure spots. So yes, I love love love the power at 11.5!!! With this in mind, and after enjoying the Moxie’s vibe vigour, I expected big things here. Happy to say the Chorus delivered, with its very powerful clitoral arm feeding my desire for intensity and don’t forget there are two arms - so double the power! Oh yeah!  In addition, there is also a lovely low buzzing volume.

What is it designed to do?

Primarily, the Chorus is designed with the intention of being used as a couple’s simultaneous pleasure toy. However, the We-Vibe is designed to be used if you are away from your lovers, if you are long distance, if you live together or even for solo play.  Purrfect for these pandemic times we live in. As typical of We-Vibe products, Chorus works best through an application called We-Connect.  Once your device is paired up through Bluetooth to a lover’s, you can give them complete control of the toy, or take the control back when you feel like it.  A myriad of settings on Chorus including 10 different vibes and 3 touch set modes ensure that there is lots of potential of customisation and surprises there.

My Experience of the Chorus

The Good

It was very easy to set up on the intuitive App that has a variety of fun features available. The features are the same as the Moxie in that you can video chat, message and use remote, which is so handy with Covid and having long distance relationships.

As with the Moxie, there are 10 different styled vibration settings, all of which you can also increase or decrease the intensity of. It is very easy to create your own patterns by drawing them with your finger.  The wide variety of patterns and two independent vibration motors give some fun sensations for both you and your partner. Impressively, both arms can be programmed to different vibrations settings, independently. Wow! The app is relatively straightforward when connected. You can simply reset all these settings again, as well.  The snug fit combined with the vibe pressed against the penis was an intense sensation for my SO.

We especially liked that there was so many options - it’s a great exploratory toy you would play with a lot to discover new sensations and things about each other. Again, as with the Moxie, the playfulness and communication aspects of this toy is a huge positive for couples. 

As with the Moxie, the Chorus lasts up to 2 hours, on a single charge, is 100% waterproof and 100% non-toxic and phthalate-free matte silicone.  This means it is easy to clean with soap and water. 

The Bad

The main downsides we had were connectivity issues and shape fitting.

We had regular connectivity issues, and to be fair, there are lot more moving parts in this scenario than with the Moxie.  You have to connect to the toy via the remote, so there is more complexity involved with the app than the Moxie.  We also felt that this might have been our personal connectivity on our phones and the internet in general.  However, once disconnected, it is very easy to connect again.

As spectacularly unique a toy that this is in that it is fully adjustable, we still felt it would not be possible to have it be right shape for everyone and it could be difficult to get it into a position that is comfortable for both parties if playing with others. Some penetrative positions caused the push against the penis to be less than ideal.  However, experimenting until you find the right fit for both of you means plenty of fun to be had along the way. 

The Chorus would not be for you if you didn’t enjoy clit stimulation or the intensity of being filled up. However, in saying that you can actually defuse the vibe on the clit to nothing (but this can only be done through the app).

There is quite a bit of fiddling around at first to set it to your liking, especially if you are using it with a partner, so some initial experimenting and patience is required. There is no guarantee you will be able to align the toy to sit on your G-spot purrfectly, even with the flexibility allowed by the Chorus. Therefore, it’s not one-size fits all, but one-size fits most!


Being a playful kitten, this toy was a lot of fun for us – playing, discovering and exploring!

We-Vibe’s Chorus is a good quality, very intense and fun simultaneous couple’s toy packed with so many amazing features.

It’s an ideal fit for anyone who enjoys a good clit toy and the feeling of being full.  It’s ideal for a penis that enjoys a snug fitting feel and vibrations.  With so much versatility, it’s a good fit for most people.

Chorus is a toy I’d use when my SO and I had a decent block of time to do exploration together.

Star Rating – 4 out of 5 Bliss Stars

Buy your own Chorus or other We-Vibe products here


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide and overview of the subject matter. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions. Seek advice specific to your situation from your medical professional or mental health professional. Safe - Sane - Consensual

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