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Understanding your Erotic Archetype with Sarah Marie Liddle

Posted by Bliss Team on

We have joined up with Isiah McKimmie from the Wholehearted Love, Life and Intimacy podcast. Read on to find out what Isiah has to say about the podcast sponsored by Bliss.

'You guys know me. I’m a little bit woo-woo, BUT I’m also passionate about sharing proven advice and practical tools with you.

In today’s episode, you’re going to get a lot of practical tools with just a little bit of woo to help you really embrace and step into your power as a sexual woman.

I’m talking to Sarah Marie Liddle about Erotic Identity Archetypes.

Some of you will remember Sarah from our episode All About Pleasure.

Sarah Marie Liddle is a writer, identity alchemist, teacher and pleasure advocate. Her work includes private sessions, online programs, and books.

I know that as you listen to us discuss each of the 5 erotic archetypes you’re going to recognise yourself, your strengths and you’ll love the practical tools that will help you grow from where you are right now. Take a listen…'


We love working with Isiah.

Let us know what you would ask Isiah?

Wondering how you can get in touch with Isiah?

We have you covered. 

Isiah McKimmie

Couples Therapist, Sexologist + Coach




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