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Valuing Your Pleasure is Sexual Self Care.

Posted by Bliss Team on

Pleasure is the ultimate form of sexual self-care or self-care in general. Pleasure is an important part of a happy healthy life and a priority in general self-care and sexual self-care. It encompasses all the points before it and more.

Valuing your pleasure is a part of valuing, accepting, and loving yourself. It can be a great way to support your mental health. Having said that it can be hard for many women to stop and take care of themselves first because we are taught to take care of others.

Masturbation is a way to incorporate pleasure into your self-care and your sexual self-care. Masturbation can be a stress relief and self-soothing. It is a natural and healthy way to enhance mood, promote emotional regulation, and a great way to slow down, spend time alone, and reconnect with yourself.

It is not always easy to let yourself indulge in pure self-pleasure like masturbation. It can be overwhelming, but masturbating is a great way to get to know your own desires, both in and out of the bedroom. Masturbation is a great tool for stress reduction because of the release of endorphins that can happen during self-pleasure. This is why it can be a great sleep aid, so try masturbating before bedtime because your orgasm triggers the release of oxytocin, which may help to relieve stress and help your sleep.

Some people have reported that after a month of masturbating more regularly—about 4 to 6 times per week that they felt better, more relaxed, slept better, more focused, and increased their productivity. Add in things you enjoy and that brings you pleasure outside of anything sexual and you will notice that you feel a whole lot lighter.

A great sexual self-care accessory is massage oil for that relaxing treat or if you are looking for an intimate wearable that can be worn during intercourse and may help with pain during deep penetration then you should check out The Ohnut. 

May is Masturbation Month, (or self-love, self-pleasure whatever you choose to call it) whole month devoted to self-love and self-pleasure.

We love May!

Considering the current state of the world, masturbation to combat stress and anxiety we're all experiencing is far from bad. So in honour of Masturbation May and to support everyone looking for that next level in self-care and self-love during a stressful period in history we are having a sale at BLISS! We have three collections designed to help you explore your pleasure with new sensations and ways of masturbating that you may not have tried before! What better way to fil in all your stay at home time – stay at home, play at home.

Masturbation May Sale - Wands (9th May until 15th May 2020)

Let’s start off with the big guns. The ultimate adult toy for masturbation since 1968, the wand. It's the little black dress, if you will, of many a sex toy collection: a reliable classic that's right for pretty much any masturbatory occasion. Wands can be corded or rechargeable, the choice is yours. For powerful external stimulation and you are not feeling the need to have something inside of you then a wand may be the toy for you.

Masturbation May Sale - Erogenous Zones (16th May - 22nd May 2020)

Do you know what your favorite erogenous zones are? Do you know that your body is filled with thousands of nerves that respond positively to pleasure and are not in your genitals? During this Masturbation May, take an opportunity to explore other pleasurable areas on the body.

Try a vibrator on other parts of your body, use some sex furniture to change angles, explore heightened sensation by using a blindfold, and tantalise your nipples with easy-to-use nipple clamps.

Masturbation May Sale - New Sensations (23rd May - 31st May 2020)

Masturbation May is your excuse to try new things! Explore prickly sensations with a Pleasure Wheel, experience bondage with an Under-the-Bed Restraint System, learn about Anal with an anal training set, play with new tastes and sensations with a massage candle or lubricant. Let your imagination be your guide.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide an overview of the subject matter covered. Please read product packaging carefully and follow all instructions.

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