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How to get out of a sex rut + have more playful, loving, satisfying sex

Posted by Jodie West on

Isiah McKimmie’s podcasts have graciously been shared with the Bliss Community. We love her work and we are grateful that she is allowing us to share her podcast through Bliss. In this podcast Isiah answers the question Am I in a Sex Rut and how do I get out of it?

Does Isiah have any tips? Of course, she does! It’s this kind of real sex education that we at Bliss love and we are positive you will too.

If you have asked yourself a similar question then this is a great podcast to listen to. If sex started out fun and exciting (and on a regular basis), but then life happened…

If life got busy, you got tired and if you feel like you are too familiar with each other and there is no mystery or spark anymore. Do feel like things are a little lack-luster in the bedroom.

Does this sound familiar;

  • Sex doesn’t happen very often anymore

  • You’re tired or lacking enthusiasm when you do have it

  • If you’re honest, it’s not very exciting

  • When you do have sex, it tends to happen in exactly the same way each time

  • You’d like to find ways to bring the PASSION and PLAYFULNESS back

You, my friend, maybe experiencing what we call a ‘sex rut’.

It’s common and you’re normal.

Sex ruts can even happen for happy couples and couples who once considered themselves pretty ‘adventurous’ in this area. Listen to Isiah’s podcast to understand why this happens and what you can do to get out of your rut.


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