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Luxury vibrators

Why You Deserve a Luxury Vibrator!

Some things every woman deserves; A lover who messes up your lipstick and not your mascara. A pair of jeans that makes your arse look amazing. An endless supply of quality lubricant. A hairdresser who gets just how we like our hair cut. To be heard when we speak. A luxury vibrator. What is a luxury vibrator? Usually defined as any vibrator that costs $150 or more. Market Watch’s recent Sex Toys Market Global Industry Analysis 2018 – 2025 says that Luxury vibrators are one of the fastest-growing sex toy categories. You will notice the difference in the feel and the...

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Anatomy of the clitoris

Does the clitoris get erect?

WHAT IS THE CLITORIS? The Clitoris is the only organ in the human body purely designed for pleasure. Scientists and doctors really only discovered it in 1998. We still have lots to learn even with the increasing interest in it and the female orgasm in recent years. This is a little tour of this amazing part of the human body. The clitoris is a large, multi-lobed organ nestled around the urethral opening and vagina. This little wonder is all about pleasure. You may be intimately aware of the little sensitive tip (or “glans”) and all its wonderful pleasures, did you...

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