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Bedroom makeover

Holiday project bedroom makeover ideas.

Does your bedroom make you want to be intimate with your partner? Or does it contribute to the stress going on in life? The holidays can be a great time to take on a makeover project. I bet you didn’t even realize that your how your bedroom makes you feel can impact your sex life. Think about different hotel rooms you have stayed in, I bet you can think of some prime examples the power a room can have on your sex life. Have you ever stayed in a hotel with tacky art on the walls, harsh lighting, and scratchy bedsheets? Did...

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sexually compatible

I haven’t dated for longer than I care to say so, my question is how do you know if we are sexually compatible?

Q. I met this man at a Christmas party and I really like him, we have been on a date since the party and we had a lot of fun. I haven’t dated for longer than I care to say so my question is how do you know if we are sexually compatible? Thank you, for your question and it is exciting to hear that you are ready to date again. Your question is a common one and an important one at this time of the year when it can be easy to get swept up into the excitement of...

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Relationships at Christmas

How To Help Your Relationship Thrive In The Craziness Of Christmas And NYE.

Let’s be real, this time of the year is BUSY. It can feel like you have no downtime, no time for yourself or your partner. With work parties, spending a lot of time with family, Christmas parties, holiday travel, and shopping for gifts can all make the holiday season feel like a crazy blur not to mention stressful. That crazy blur and the stress that comes with it can put a strain on any relationship, however, there are ways to make your relationship more resilient during this time of the year.  Time slips away into the ‘busy’ of the season,...

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Dating women

Being with another woman is new to me.

Q: “I am new to dating women, so sex with another woman is new to me, exciting but new. Do you have any advice on how to give a woman a handjob? I am not sure what I like myself so maybe I need some tips on how to find out what I like so I know what might work for another woman?” A: Good question! A handjob can be a fantastically pleasurable experience that is often underestimated. You are right in saying exploring what you like first is a great way to have a better idea of what to...

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Understanding your Erotic Archetype

Understanding your Erotic Archetype with Sarah Marie Liddle

We have joined up with Isiah McKimmie from the Wholehearted Love, Life and Intimacy podcast. Read on to find out what Isiah has to say about the podcast sponsored by Bliss. 'You guys know me. I’m a little bit woo-woo, BUT I’m also passionate about sharing proven advice and practical tools with you. In today’s episode, you’re going to get a lot of practical tools with just a little bit of woo to help you really embrace and step into your power as a sexual woman. I’m talking to Sarah Marie Liddle about Erotic Identity Archetypes. Some of you will...

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Couple laughing silly sex

Why Silly Sex is Bliss!

Who has grown up watching romance or rom-com movies? Hands up, we know you are out there. From those rom-coms you probably have a very specific idea of what "good" sex looks like. Hot, romantic movie sex is dramatic, perfectly choreographed full of spontaneity, sexual tension, and simultaneous orgasms. Who has sex like that? We asked around the office and no one can say ‘me!’. Make out sessions are not in the perfect location they are more often than not on the lounge in front of the TV, weird noises included. Sexy stripteases or hastily ripping clothes off a piece...

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