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People of Periods Podcast with Bliss for Women's CEO as a guest.

Period Sex, Women's Health on the People of Periods Podcast

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak with Freeda from Eco Pads Australia and People of Periods Podcast. People of Periods is a podcast to give our periods a voice and help fight the battle against period poverty. I was invited to talk about period sex but as with all good plans we went off plan and spoke about women's health issues, the importance of sexual health in the holistic care of individuals and thankfully we did get to talk about period sex. You can listen to the podcast here.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to...

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seven questions for a sex educator

7 Questions I Have Been Asked As A Sex Educator & Women's Health Advocate.

In the time I have been a sexuality educator and women's health advocate I have been asked some interesting questions. Actually even before that while I was studying at uni, as soon as people found out what I was studying I came across curly questions and surprising statements from people. In this blog, I thought I would share 7 of the general questions I get asked frequently and a short answer for each.  Q: “Is it ok to masturbate in a relationship?” A: The simple answer is YES it is ok to masturbate in a relationship. Masturbation is normal and...

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Ecopads reusable period pads

What are the healthier and more environmentally friendly options for when my child starts their period?

There are healthier and more environmentally friendly options. Although it may be easy to pick up pads and tampons in the supermarket you have a choice about what you use every month. You have a choice to use products that are convenient and cheap or make the choice to purchase and use hat is good for both your body and for the environment.In my experience as women’s health advocate and sexuality educator many women do not have a very clear understanding about their menstrual cycle. They also have very limited knowledge about  what is many menstrual health products or the possible...

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Ecopads set

5 FAQ about using Reusable Pads.

1. What is a cloth pad?  A cloth pad is a re-usable pad worn by women to absorb their menstrual flow as an alternative to disposable pads or menstrual cups. You can shop for your own reusable pads and other eco-friendly menstrual healthy options here. 2. How often do I need to change my cloth pad?  This completely depends on how heavy your flow is – we would recommend changing the same rate you would a disposable so every 3-4 ish hours. Some girls wear theirs for a whole day. You may find that the ecopads are more absorbent than...

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