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Calling all consious rebels - check out this sexual pleasure survey

Calling All Conscious Rebels - Check Out This Sexual Pleasure Survey

In February I want to a Sextach Hackathon in Melbourne. In that hackathon, I met an amazing group of women and we started working on a sextech project that we are entering in a competition. As a part of that process, we need your help with some research. The following is the beginning of the survey we are asking people to complete. It will only take you 5 mins to complete and is totally anonymous. “We are a small team of creative women in Australia, passionate about sexual wellness and pleasure. This is a short survey to help us develop...

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Photo of a woman's backside

11 Tips for First-Time Anal Sex

More women are trying anal sex according to the Kinsey Institute. If you're considering having anal sex for the first time here are some tips to prepare, relax, and enjoy the moment. Relax Relaxing is important when you are attempting anal sex. Spend some time relaxing before your start, try something like taking a hot bath or have your partner give you a massage. You really want to be able to specifically focus on relaxing your anal muscles. Communicate We talk about this a lot but communication really is key with any type of sexual activity including anal sex. It...

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Couple kissing under a tree

5 Sex Drive Myths.

Q: I don’t know what happened, but I feel like I have lost control over my sex drive? Spontaneous sex or spontaneous desire for sex – what is that? I really don’t know what went wrong but I would love some tips on how to get my sex drive back. A: Great question and actually very common. I think sharing some of the myths about sex drive and desire might be helpful. Myth #1 – Spontaneous sex. There are two types of sex drives, spontaneous and responsive. Spontaneous sex drives equal feeling the mental desire for sex and seek out...

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sex toys for beginners

8 Of The Best Sex Toys For Beginners

To celebrate our 1st birthday we are trying something new - a video blog. Links to all the Toys in the video! Lily 2 SVR Cock Ring Rainbow Bullet Starlet 2 Flirty Bullet Tenga Egg G-Spot Bullet Petite Sensations Teazer 

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seven questions for a sex educator

7 Questions I Have Been Asked As A Sex Educator & Women's Health Advocate.

In the time I have been a sexuality educator and women's health advocate I have been asked some interesting questions. Actually even before that while I was studying at uni, as soon as people found out what I was studying I came across curly questions and surprising statements from people. In this blog, I thought I would share 7 of the general questions I get asked frequently and a short answer for each.  Q: “Is it ok to masturbate in a relationship?” A: The simple answer is YES it is ok to masturbate in a relationship. Masturbation is normal and...

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sex tips

9 Tips To Blow Your Partner's Mind in Bed.

There are a few simple, sexy tricks that can light a fire under your sex life. You don’t necessarily need to buy a bunch of sex toys (odd for a sex toy store to say we know but it is true) or offer to drip hot wax on your body to reinvigorate your sex life. Simple things can make a big difference a little bit of enthusiasm and maybe a surprise can go a long way to blowing your partner’s mind in bed. It really can be that simple this summer. 1.   Send a sexy text or three Otherwise called sexting. It...

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