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sex and ageing

Sex and ageing – who says they can’t go together?

One of our favorite sex toy brands Dame Products conducted a survey on sex toy use. They found that about 40% of people who said they use a sex toy when they masturbate were over 40 years of age. Now there are some of us who are over 40 who would go well that is no surprise. There are also a whole bunch of us of all ages that cringe at the thought of older people, parents etc having sex or using sex toys. Putting it plainly the human race would not exist, you would not exist is your parents,...

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five things to know about menopause

5 Things You Need to Know About Sex After Menopause.

Sex and Menopause. This month we have been talking about sex and menopause. It is important to note that for some people, menopause has little effect on their sex life; for others, it can have big impact. The impacts on sex can range from vaginal dryness to a reduced libido or painful sex. Here we discuss some of those impacts and some things that could help. 1.   Painful sex – an incredibly common impact of menopause on a woman’s sex life. The statics vary, we have read figures from 45% to over 84% of women reporting finding sex painful. It is caused by reduced...

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Ohnut and menopause

Steps to improve sex during perimenopause & menopause.

Sexual problems are common in people who going through menopausal changes. Sexual intimacy is a fundamental part of being human, a human right, and the inability to engage in sexual activity in a fulfilling, meaningful way can have a negative impact on an individual, relationships.  This is why a multidisciplinary team is so important in your care and in the management of symptoms and your overall physical and mental health moving forward. These include your specialist medical professionals, your GP, a pelvic floor therapist, acupuncturist, osteopath, nutritional advice, exercise physiologist, sexuality counselling and other allied health care that suits your...

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questiosn to ask about sex and menopause

13 Questions You Need to Ask Your Health Professional About Sex and Menopause.

Menopause is a normal part of life, a stage of life that all women go through. So why is it still taboo and so hard for women to ask their doctors about. Here is a list of questions you can use to start the conversation and get the important information that all women need to know about menopause and how it can affect their sex lives. Contrary to popular belief we as women of all ages value our sexuality. It is also an important and totally valid conversation to have with your health professional. Good communication is key to addressing...

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Menopause guide

The Bliss Guide to Menopause.

Sexual problems are far more common across the life span for those of us with vulva’s and vagina’s then most people realise. There are times throughout our life that this is more likely to occur and perimenopause is one of those times. Hormone changes may contribute to the likelihood that you will experience sexual issues, but it is important that we are not only blaming hormones, but sex and intimacy is also far more complicated than that. It is important that the whole person is taken into account including relationship issues, how you feel about yourself, mental and emotional health,...

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Sex and Menopause

11 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Sex and Menopause.

September is an awareness month for a few things close to our heart at Bliss. It is Menopause awareness month, Sexual Health month and it is also the month of Women’s Health Week. After a slow start to the month because the dreaded viruses of winter went through our office we are going to be talking about sex and menopause. Menopause is an important women’s health issue that is still shrouded in silence. Add sex into the conversation and things get taboo. This is the first article about menopause and sex, a catalyst for this important conversation. It is important...

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