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5 Tips on How to Introduce Adult Toys into the Bedroom.

How do I tell my partner I want to use sex toys at the same time we have sex? I don’t want to hurt their feelings. This is a very common question.  1.     Bringing up the subject of sex toys. Toys are fun, you had fun with them when you were a child, sometimes you played alone and sometimes you shared them with friends. When someone shared their favorite toys with you as a child it was good to be trusted and fun. Simple right? Well, adult toys are much the same. Sometimes you play alone and sometimes you share them...

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5 Reasons Physical Touch is So Important

Touch is one of the five senses that we are engaging in less and less in today’s busy digital age. This arguably plays a part in the increase in loneliness, mental and emotional health issues of today. Despite the many positives that technology has brought to our lives or innate need for connection has not evolved to the point where touch is no longer needed for our physical and emotional health – no not even robotic sex dolls can replace the consensual, pleasurable human touch. Physical touch is vital for our health. A favorite topic of mine. Here is why:...

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Sexual Self Care

Your Pleasure and Self Care are Important It is hard to feel sexy, experience desire or want to be intimate when you feel like your body has been medicalised and it doesn't feel like it is your body anymore or you are so busy taking care of everyone else.  Surgical scars, chronic pain, lost body parts, fatigue, treatment side effects, medical menopause, pain with sex, changes in sensation treatment, weight changes, housework, work stress, traffic jams, ‘Mum’ this ‘Mum’ that, stress and anxiety; Do not equal, ‘I feel sexy, let's get naked’. Right? So let’s start with SEXUAL SELF CARE. Sexual...

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A Cheat Sheet for Adult Toy Shopping.

There is more to Bliss that just Sex Toys. Hopefully, Bliss is different from the typical adult site of scrolling pages of what feels like an endless list of toys and products. We understand how intimidating and confusing that can be and how you can have those ‘what do I do with that’ moments. That's where a store like Bliss comes in, curated product list and we also have the option of a consultation with a sexologist to help you even further. Following is a list of toys for beginners, keeping it simple. 1.   Bullet Vibrators Perfect beginner toys, cost-effective, simple...

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