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The Ohnut


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The Ohnut - Aloe is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Smart, simple, and playful.

New Order from the USA is on its way. You can still order to secure yours now. We will express post your very own Ohnut to you as soon as they arrive. We are expecting the delivery in late October.

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Worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (ex. penis or toy), The Ohnut compresses down to act as a comfy buffer during sex. Each set comes with 4 linking rings that make it simple to incrementally adjust and explore penetration depths. With the Ohnut, you and your partner can not only discover comfort but also what depths feel really good—for both of you.

The Ohnut is designed to feel just like skin. It’s so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it’s there. And because you no longer have to worry about whether penetration will hurt, the Ohnut allows both you and your partner to focus on what matters most, connection, enjoyment and fun.

Customer Reviews

“For the better part of the last year, my vagina has been out of bounds when it comes to sex. These amazing rings that link together and let you choose the depth of penetration, whether by a penis, dildo, or vibrator. You choose how deeply you want them to go by sliding the chosen number of interlocking rings over a lubricated shaft to the base, leaving the rest of the shaft ready for action. I was able to let go (and so was my partner) and just enjoy sex with no pain. I cried.” Kelly - Tolmans Hill, TAS

“Whoever thought of this is an angel. I have no words but thank you.” Mel - The Entrance, NSW

HOW DOES OHNUT FEEL PHYSICALLY FOR A MALE PARTNER?  While Ohnut can be used by penetrating partners of any gender, feedback from men includes not noticing the difference and feeling like full penetration, while also enjoying it’s additional use for foreplay. Some men may feel a slight “hug” sensation. The majority report that sex is more satisfying because they're not as worried about causing their partner pain and their partner isn’t as worried about being in pain. This generally results in a feeling of confidence, of letting go with one another, of enjoyment.
WHAT IS OHNUT MADE OF? Ohnut is currently made of an FDA approved body- and skin-safe polymer blend. It’s a thermoset material that is BPA, phthalate, and latex-free. 

Note about the material: The original Ohnut was designed in silicone, however, we received high demand for use with silicone lubrication, so we adjusted the Ohnut accordingly so you can use either silicone or water-based lubrication.

CAN I USE OHNUT WITH CONDOMS? Yes! Ohnut conveniently helps keep condoms from slipping off. Put the condom on first, add your preferred lubrication on top, slide the Ohnut over the condom - and you're good to go.
DOES ONE SIZE FIT ALL? "I couldn't tell what was my skin and what wasn't." Ohnut is made with a soft squishy material and can stretch to accommodate all men or other penetrative products. Depending on the size of origin and physical preference, Ohnut often feels like an extension of your body, with a little hug. 
HOW DO I WASH OHNUT? Ohnut can be hand washed with mild soap and water and/or a toy cleaner. Save your dishwasher for the dishes.


  • BPA, phthalate, and latex-free your Ohnut is made from FDA approved body-safe material comes with 4 soft rings, travel pouch, and clever conversation starters

  • Designed with an FDA approved body-safe/skin-safe material

  • Soft and stretchy feel is cozy for all

  • BPA, phthalate, and latex-free

  • Ohnut width stretches to 8in (20.3cm), and height of four rings measures 2 ¾ in (7cm) tall

  • Always discreet shipping