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Electrify Your Sex Life



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by Carole Altman, PH.D.

How To Get Rid Of Sexual Hang-ups And Inhibitions And Open Yourself To Pure Pleasure.

Everyone has inhibitions when it comes to sex. Getting those inhibitions out of the way allows for a lot more self-expression, fun, fantasy fulfillment and, of course, orgasms. Step-by-step, at a comfortable pace, anyone can make dramatic improvements in their sex life using 'Electrify Your Sex Life'.

Psychotherapist Altman had treated many patients when she discovered that solving their sexual problems frequently solved all their other problems as well. She developed a successful program that overcomes past sexual failure and opens people up to fulfilling and exciting sex life.

- How to create sexual images that turn you on and keep you turned on all the way to climax
- Ways to intensify your own sensuality so that you become a fully expressed sexual being
- How to devise love-making plans that take you and your partner to new heights
- Curing common sexual dysfunctions to free you up for a healthy and electric sex life
- Shedding inhibitions
- A section on "forbidden sex".

Step-by-step, at a comfortable pace, anyone can obtain dramatic results using 'Electrify Your Sex Life'.