Bliss Courses

Bliss courses are no blush, based in reality and informative online courses. They are designed by our resident sexuality Educator and cover a wide range of stages in life.

An online course is a fantastic option for helping create the sex life you’ve always wanted, and can often be a better choice than personal coaching. Thousands of people have transformed their sex lives with online courses such as these.

Not your mothers menopause.

Not your mothers menopause.

Menopause & Sex - Closed until next round.

Not your mother’s menopause.

If you are going through peri-menopause, menopause or have come out the other side, medically induced, natural, around the average age or prematurely join us for an honest, no shame chat and probably a few laughs along the way.

If you feel disconnected from your body and miss the woman you once were, if you are struggling to be intimate with your partner, if sex is painful or you are missing the sex life you once had and want ideas on how you can find ways forward then please join us.

If this is you then this course is for you. Sign up now and recieve an ebook “What is your sex drive type?”

You are not broken.

You are not broken.

Where did my sex drive go?

Do you lie awake at night, wondering what the heck happened to your sex drive? Have you started avoiding your partner, worried that even the most innocent of touches or kisses will lead to them wanting more? Are you sick of endless fights about your sex life (which, of course, only make your sex drive even lower)? Do you miss the intimacy with your partner?

Having mismatched sex drives is one of the most common – and damaging – problems that couples have to face. It’s destructive, because both partners feel like they’re in the wrong. There are things you can do to help find your MIA sex drive.

If you answered yes to any of the questions then this course is for you. Sign up now and recieve an ebook “9 things that make your sex drive MIA”

Communication is key.

Communication is key.

You are worthy of pleasure.

You are worthy of pleasure.

Starting the conversations others consider taboo.

Starting the conversations others consider taboo.

How to ask for what you want in sex?

Sex is supposed to make you feel close and connected to your partner. But when your sex life starts to become “same, same” it be hard to be interested. The catch 22 is that sex is hard for most people to talk about. So if you want to try something new? If you want to work out what you want? If you are struggling to tell your partner you want to change things up?

This course will help you work out what you want, what your boundaries are and how to communicate all of it to your partner.

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Medically fascinating, not dead. Sex & Intimacy are still important to me.

Do you have a Chronic Illness? Are you recovering from a traumatic health event? Do you miss the intimacy you once had with your partner? Is your sex life still important to you but you are not sure how to get back there?

Are you looking for ways to redefine pleasure and intimacy but are unsure how to navigate that with the current status quo? This course is designed to help you do just that. Every body is different but this course is designed to give you options to find what works for you.

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Women’s Health Symposium - Brisbane July 2019 - Transforming Women’s Health one conversation at a time.

Women are standing up and demanding better health options. As healthcare practitioners, we need to support them. Women’s health is a huge area and there is so much that can be done to improve the lives of the women.

A fantastic day packed with passionate speakers, networking opprotunities within a multi-disciplinary environment. An event for all medical professionals, allied and complementary health practitioners interested in furthering the health of all women.

As featured by Women’s Health Research Institute of Australia & Bower Bird CPD