Shomota Collab Starter Pack

Shomota Collab Starter Pack


Flow - This pack caters for every flow. The Liner is for that bit of protection during other times of the month. The Light Pad is for yoru light flow days. The Regular Pad is for your light to regular flow days. The Overnight Pads is for your heavy days and perfect for overnight.

For - Do you love the idea of;

  • trying reusable pads;

  • giving back through the charity aspect of this brand;

  • you are excited to be playing your part in saving the enviromentally friendly;

  • you are interested in saving money.

This is a great way to get started.

Feel -  Please note all pads are made with cotton outer layers, flannellette absorbency, PUL lining, cotton backing, cotton thread and KAM snaps.

Your Impact - For every cloth pad you purchase, you help support girls' and women's educational, empowerment and environmental projects. Transparency and Ethos These pads have been made in ethical partnership with the amazing social enterprise, Shomota Womens under their Pads for Empowerment Program initiative. When you purchase this kit you are contributing towards empowering girls and women in marginalized communities in India. For every Shomota pad you purchase, they are given vital menstrual education and a chance to have access to cloth menstrual pads. This opportunity for them can have life-changing effects. From staying in school to complete their education to a connection to deeper self-awareness of how their body ebbs and flows through their cycle. Your purchase is a ripple effect that flows from you to the girls and women in India.

Happy Flows!

Colours may differ from the photographed image.  

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This starter cloth pad kit includes: 

1 x liner pad

1 x light pad 

1 x regular pad

1 x night pad

1 x packet of reusable facewipes 

1 x instruction card 

You can read more about the care, use or envrionmental impact of your reusable pads on our blog.

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