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About Bliss

Bliss is a modern approach to sexual wellness, sexuality & menstrual health. Bliss stocks pleasure-enhancing products and provide a unique shopping experience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store. Bliss is about you, your pleasure and your sexual wellness. 

Our Philosophy

Is that sexuality and pleasure are an important part of our quality of life. 

Our Promise

We stock quality intimate care, sexual wellness & pleasure products in a unique shopping experience designed to erase taboos. We create reliable intimate wellness content for your pleasure, no matter your age, orientation, background or lifestyle.

Jodie West - CEO & Sexologist

Jodie West is a sexologist and known for initiating taboo conversations about women's health & sexuality. Her own health challenges & the changes they brought about in general life & sex life were the catalysts for taboo smashing projects that have made & continue to make changes in the landscape of women's health in Australia. Jodie has worked with universities and companies internationally on a variety of sextech projects.

As CEO of Bliss she has been the leader in rebranding, reinvigorating and building of our education content. Her priority continues to be on quality sexual wellness & pleasure products. Upcoming projects will focus more on education and sextech development.

Bliss is about you, your pleasure and your sexual wellness.