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Bliss for Women take a holistic approach to women’s sexuality, sexual wellness and menstrual health.

Bliss for Women stock pleasure-enhancing products and provide a unique shopping exper ience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store.
Bliss for Women believe that women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire and their bodies.
Bliss for Women is about you, your pleasure and your sexual wel lness.
Bliss for Women is working toward launching an education arm for the business. eSwell will be our online platform to showcase our courses. Courses that are designed to bring you content all about pleasure, fun, intimacy, connectedness, products, all the messy, silly and serious bits relating to sexuality, intimacy, and being human.

eSwell is education for Sexuwellness.

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About Our CEO & Sexologist

Jodie is known for initiating Taboo conversations about women's health & sexuality. Her own health challenges & the changes they brought about in general life & sex life were the catalysts for taboo smashing projects that have made & continue to make changes in the landscape of women's health in Australia.

Jodie is a Co-Founder of Endometriosis Australia. Endometriosis Australia has grown to become one of the leading charities, change-makers, & advocates for those living with Endometriosis in Australia.

Following this Jodie returned to university to study Sexology with a specialty in Women's Health. Her goal is for women's sexual quality of life, information with regards to it & how medical treatments can impact it to be shared as freely as it is with any other body function. The impact health issues have on sexual QOL & pleasure is a difficult subject to broach for many & is often overlooked despite the long term effects it can have on physical, emotional, mental & relational health. These are the conversations & projects that Jodie thrives on.

In her work at Kintsugi SCE Jodie took a holistic approach to women’s sexuality, sexual wellness & menstrual health. There was a focus on helping women reconnect with their pleasure & understand the importance of sexual wellness. In this role Jodie also educated HCP's about the importance of including information sexual wellness when working with clients/patients, communication skills in the area of sexual wellness in practice & of building referral networks in the growing profession of sexology in Australia.

Jodie is the CEO & Resident Sexologist at Bliss for Women. Bliss for Women stock pleasure-enhancing products & provide a unique shopping experience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store - believe that women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire & their bodies - is about you, your pleasure & your sexual wellness.

Her upcoming projects will continue to break the taboo around sexual wellness & highlight the importance of the sexual quality of life throughout the lifespan & the holistic care of individuals. Jodie hasn't ruled out anything in her goal of building a sexual wellness empire, watch this space for more #sextech projects.

In her past life, Jodie has worked in Physical Rehabilitation, Adult education, Intelligence & Security, Human Resource Management, & Counselling. Her qualifications include an undergraduate in Health Science, Post Grad Studies in Psychology, Human Resources, MBA & Sexology.