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About Jodie West

About Jodie West - Bliss for Women
Jodie West is a sexologist and known for initiating Taboo conversations about women's health & sexuality. Her own health challenges & the changes they brought about in general life & sex life were the catalysts for taboo smashing projects that have made & continue to make changes in the landscape of women's health in Australia. Jodie is a Co-Founder of Endometriosis Australia. Endometriosis Australia has grown to become one of the leading charities, change-makers, & advocates for those living with Endometriosis in Australia. 
Jodie is the CEO & Resident Sexologist at Bliss for Women. Bliss for Women stock pleasure-enhancing products & provide a unique shopping experience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store - believe that women deserve a place where they can explore their own unique relationship to sex, desire & their bodies - is about you, your pleasure & your sexual wellness. 

Her upcoming projects (CoFounder of Femira and Nya Wellness) will continue to break the taboo around sexual wellness & highlight the importance of the sexual quality of life throughout the lifespan & the holistic care of individuals. Jodie hasn't ruled out anything in her goal of building a sexual wellness empire, watch this space for more #sextech projects.

In her past life, Jodie has worked in Physical Rehabilitation, Adult education, Intelligence & Security, Human Resource Management, & Counselling. Her qualifications include an undergraduate in Health Science, Post Grad Studies in Psychology, Human Resources, MBA & Sexology.

A note from Jodie West

SexTech & FemTech Consultancy

FemTech is a term used to categorise any software, startup or product that combines technology with a focus on women’s health. A rising industry, FemTech is innovative for its prioritisation of a historically underrepresented area in technology.

SexTech is a term used to categorise any software, startup or product that combines technology with a focus of sexuality, sexual health, pleasure or entertainment. A RAPIDLY growing industry often overlooked for through shame, fear and taboo. 

Jodie helps create and build ideas, innovation and businesses in these spaces that aim to produce human-centered outcomes. Jodie has worked in a variety of environments managing teams towards solving complex problems while utilising my experience with diversity and inclusion, product development, branding, data analysis, client relations, and business development to support any number of professional settings. Jodie am a sexologist and has previously worked in physical rehabilitation, security, sales, HR, oil and gas, training and workforce development. I have qualifications in Health Science, Business, Psychology & Sexology.

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