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Recycle Program

Bliss Adult Product Recycling Program

Bliss will accept vibrating and/or rechargeable toys.

Adult products made from the following materials will be accepted:

Silicone (100%), TPR Silicone, TPE, TPR, Steel Pyrex Glass, Wood, Stainless, Any Genuine Metal Product.

The following materials are generally not recyclable and if they do not vibrate or are not rechargeable they will not be accepted; ABS Plastic, Cyberskin (or any other fake skin-like materials that don’t have vibrating or battery components), Elastomer, Ceramic, Jelly Rubber, PVC, Rubber.

This if the product material type is not listed or if you are unsure of the product material type you can send it in as this is not an exhaustive list but if it is not recyclable you will not be sent the discount code.

You will receive one 10% discount per transaction and the discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. The discount is valid for one purchase only and discount codes issued in 2021 will be valid until the 31st Dec 2021 only.

The adult product you are returning must be properly cleaned (boiled if possible eg; Glass and Metal) and sealed in a Ziplock bag. You must return the product to be recycled with the completed downloadable form. Once we receive the product with the form included and the product meets the recyclable criteria, you will be emailed an applicable discount code for your next purchase.

Please use the following address;

Bliss Recycle
PO Box 197
QLD 4070

We reserve the right to reject products that are not cleaned properly and/or are not sealed correctly. This is for the health and hygiene of our staff and the employees of the recycling depot. We also reserve the right to reject products that we feel may not meet the criteria, or where fraudulent or suspicious behaviour is suspected. If your product is rejected we will email you, this is not negotiable and we are not liable for any postage costs you have incurred sending the product into the Bliss Adult Product Recycling Program.

Thank you so much for being a part of our recycling program!! This is one small way both you and the Bliss Team can make a difference in how the industry approaches environmental issues. 

Click here to download the form.