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This miniature pillow book contains a selection of the foods and substances, sexual techniques and postures which men and women have used throughout the centuries to fire their erotic imaginations. It is illustrated with a wide range of visual erotica from East and West.

Pillow Books have long been a traditional gift exchanged between lovers: they take their name from the lacquered wooden pillow of Japan in which these conveniently small works of erotic instruction and amusement were usually kept. 

Aphrodisiacs is a unique collection of the foods and techniques which men and women down the ages have used to increas sexual desire and pleasure. Erotic art - itself designed to be aphrodisiac - is used to illustrate the sexual secrets of the lovers from Ovid to Casanova and the from Cleopatra to Madame Pompadour.

The cover is the same image and design like the one pictured but the text is in English