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Basic Ecopads Liner from Ecopads Australia

Basic Ecopads Liner

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Flow - The Liner is for those light flow days or for that extra bit of protection in between cycles.

For - No matter whether you love the idea of;

  • trying reusable pads;

  • giving back through the charity aspect of this brand;

  • you are excited to be playing your part in saving the environmentally friendly;

  • you are interested in saving money.

This is a great way to get started.

Feel - Please note all pads are made with antibacterial bamboo charcoal outer layers, hemp/organic cotton fleece absorbency, PUL lining, bamboo/cotton backing, cotton thread and KAM snaps. They are soft against your skin even on your most sensitive days.

Your Impact - For every cloth pad you purchase, you help support girls' and women's educational, empowerment and environmental projects

Transparency and Ethos of Ecopads Australia

These pads have been ethically sourced from a town in China called Qing Dao from a company called Qingdao Tianhexiang Textile Co. We have been working with the manufacturers from the company for several months to ensure the ethical, work and environmental standards are unison with our values and ethos. Within this process, we have modified the design, composition and trialled the pads to ensure the highest of quality products for you. We have brought you this product to provide you with a product that can ensure an option for all different budget needs. We especially hope that this allows younger generations the opportunity to try out cloth pads. Happy Flows!

You can read more about the care, use or environmental impact of your reusable pads on our blog.

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