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Black label Ramp Black by Liberator
Black label Ramp Black by Liberator
Black label Ramp Black by Liberator
Black label Ramp Black by Liberator

Black Label Ramp Black by Liberator

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Black label Ramp Black by Liberator takes pleasure and tease to another level.

Savour every sight, sound, scent, and taste as your lover masters your anticipation as much as the action.

The ramp delivers a 12in rise, making from-behind and other mattress moves more satisfying and longer lasting through angled positioning to accentuate sensitivity and ergonomic support. The incline of the shape is also ideal for off-the-bed positions and girl-on-top by lifting and providing a deeper connection.

Creates comfort and support to take weight off knees and backs while providing the perfect angle for ultimate stimulation while its high-density foam supports you from sinking into soft beds.

With the option of four connector points, there is no end to the opportunities for creativity and playful restraint. Toys not included.

Sex furniture may seem like a luxury accessory and you would be right but it can also be a game changer for your sex life and your pleasure. Whether it is solely to increase pleasure and adventure or if it is for added support and accessibility it really can assist any one and everyone to enhance their sex lives. Liberator sets the bar in this are area of the market.

Black label Ramp Black by Liberator Product Specifications

  • Material: microfiber – 100% nylon

  • Cover: machine-washable microfiber

  • Liner: polyester

  • Foam: fully supportive polyurethane

  • Size: 34 x 24 x 12 inches

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