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Sexy and Sacred Sexual Secrets for Women



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by Diane Riley

“Sexy & Sacred” is a much awaited companion to the international best seller Sexual Secrets for Men, What every woman would want her man to know.’ This tantric sex book is for women and their lovers who are seeking to integrate the sacred and erotic aspects of their sexuality.

Truly a gift for women, this tantric sex book for women, Sexy & Sacred is written with love and integrity to reveal and nurture the sacred sexiness that resides in each woman, so she can access more power, grace, love and sexual pleasure.

Embrace the sacredness of your sexuality and have fun in the process.

Diane Riley draws on contemporary sex research, women’s studies, the traditions of ecstatic sexuality, and a wealth of practical wisdom honed from 25 years of professional experience assisting thousands of people in the area of sex, love and relationship. She inspires women to honour their intrinsic feminine sexual nature  and appreciate it as a part of a body of sacred knowledge going back to a time when sexuality and spirituality were entwined.

Through test theory, practices and women’s experience Diane presents an impressive resource for women who want to enjoy sex a lot more, enhance their relationships and learn sexual secrets and bedroom arts their mother never told them!