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Bound Nubuck Leather Ankle Cuffs

Bound Nubuck Leather Ankle Cuffs

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Bound Ankle Cuffs are made from high quality nubuck leather.

The ankle cuffs are soft and comfortable for longer sessions.  The cuffs have a sturdy chain and 2 pairs of D-rings and have a detachable double trigger hook chain.  The Ankle cuffs are adjustable with 5 hole buckle fastening system. Bound ankle cuffs also have a padlockable buckle prong. BOUND Padlock and Double Trigger Clip also available to use with this range.

Special Features

  • Soft and comfortable cuffs

  • Sturdy chain and 2 D-rings

  • Detachable chain

  • 5 hole buckle fastening system

  • Padlockable buckle prong


  • Hand cuff circumference: 25.1 cm- 37.7 cm

  • Chain Length: 13 cm


  • Nubuck Leather


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