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Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze
Collar Vegan Leather by Maze

Collar Vegan Leather

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The Vegan Leather Collar by Maze perfect accessory for any daring look or bondage session. Don't be fooled by its size – it's sure to be the center piece of any outfit.

Lose yourself along the paths of the Maze and discover a place where both of your worlds meet; let the world you show and the world you hide come together as one. Do you dare to enter?

Maze make gorgeous additions to your wardrobe that indulge your darker side and they make beautiful fun fashion accessories for a night our with your partner or your friends. 

These are great pieces if you are starting out and want to try something new that has a little bit of an edge. Pair it with a favourite piece of lingerie to change things up a bit and add a new visual when you walk into the room. Wear them solo when you are feeling a little naughty either while fully dressed out for the day or at home solo.

100% vegan

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