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Cross Clevage Harness in Vegan Leather by Maze

Cross Cleavage Harness in Vegan Leather

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This harness is gorgeous over a red carpet princess's style gown and suitable for a dungeon look. The straps of this harness adorn the chest and frame your curves. If you want to be a little more discreet but still cheeky wear it under a white shirt so you can see it peak out from the open top buttons.

The straps of this Cross Cleavage Harness in Vegan Leather by Maze adorn the chest. Goes with your best outfits, lingerie or simply bare skin.

These are great pieces if you are starting out and want to try something new that has a little bit of an edge. Pair it with a favourite piece of lingerie to change things up a bit and add a new visual when you walk into the room. Wear them solo when you are feeling a little naughty either while fully dressed out for the day or at home  solo.

100% vegan

Waist: Min 60 cm minimum (23.62 in)- Max: 94cm (37 in) 

Content: Cross Cleavage Harness.



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