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Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager

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Doxy Number 3 is the perfect combination of the power form the Doxy Massager and the luxurious body of the Die Cast, all in a smaller size, perfect for traveling.

The Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager is a smaller and lighter version of the traditional Die-Cast model. This Wand Massager features all the same functions but is smaller and easier to handle.  The body is forged from polished aluminum/titanium alloy manufactured in the UK.  The body is produced using a high-pressure injection mold in the die-cast machine.

This Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager has a full length of 28cm with a diameter of 4.5cm.  If you find larger wands cumbersome and a bit hard to handle rest assured that the size of this wand makes it easier to handle with no loss of power. The powerful motor still provided the strong sensation you would find in the originals.

The Doxy #3 Die Cast Massager has a hypoallergenic medical grade non-porous PVC.  This covering gives a comfortable cushioned contact point while not loosing any of the power that it produces.

The Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager plugs directly into the power socket, using an Australian plug.

It comes with a 3m cord which is more than long enough to make it convenient to use. It is this cord that enables the direct power draw that the Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager the power and performance it is praised for.  This is one of the few pieces on the market which uses a top power supply unit (PSU).  This power unit powering Doxy is extremely safe to use, as well as allowing you to use it all over the world.  

The Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager has variable escalating pulse setting controlled simply by 3 buttons that illuminated by 3 blue LED lights. The variety of options in the Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager makes it perfect for any level of experience.

Use a quality lubricant when you use your Doxy #3 Die-Cast Massager to maximize your pleasure. Ensure that you clean your toys with warm water and mild soap or a recommended toy cleaner.  Clean the body part of the piece by wiping over with a damp cloth.  ALWAYS unplug from the product from the wall socket before you clean it. DO NOT submerge the unit in the water when cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Doxy Massagers are powered by a wall plug. NEVER use in, on or around water.  When cleaning ensure the massager is unplugged from the wall socket before starting.

Product Features

  • Body-safe quality materials.
  • Phthalate and latex-free.
  • Metal body with brushed aluminum metallic finish.
  • Length of 28cm & head diameter 4.5cm.
  • 3m cord.
  • Variable incremental speeds.
  • Australian plug.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • 1-year warranty.